mPDF Manual – What Else Can I Do

Table of Contents

You can insert one or more tables of contents in the document using HTML or PHP code - see:

TOCpagebreak() or <tocpagebreak> will insert a Table of Contents (ToC) at the current position.

TOC_Entry() or <tocentry> can be used to mark entries for the ToC .

From mPDF >= 5.7, CSS styles can be used to control layout of the ToC.

At the end of the document, the ToC is generated, creating HTML code (internally) which looks like this:

<div class="mpdf_toc" id="mpdf_toc_0">

    <div class="mpdf_toc_level_0">

        <a class="mpdf_toc_a" href="#__mpdfinternallink_1"><span class="mpdf_toc_t_level_0">Section 1</span></a>

        <dottab outdent="2em" />

        <a class="mpdf_toc_a" href="#__mpdfinternallink_1"><span class="mpdf_toc_p_level_0">5</span></a>


    <div class="mpdf_toc_level_1">

        <a class="mpdf_toc_a" href="#__mpdfinternallink_2"><span class="mpdf_toc_t_level_1">Chapter 1</span></a>

        <dottab outdent="2em" />

        <a class="mpdf_toc_a" href="#__mpdfinternallink_2"><span class="mpdf_toc_p_level_1">5</span></a>


    <div class="mpdf_toc_level_2">

        <a class="mpdf_toc_a" href="#__mpdfinternallink_3"><span class="mpdf_toc_t_level_2">Topic 1</span></a>

        <dottab outdent="2em" />

        <a class="mpdf_toc_a" href="#__mpdfinternallink_3"><span class="mpdf_toc_p_level_2">5</span></a>



The id is “0” for root/un-named ToC; otherwise it is lowercase of the name=”” used for the ToC

An example CSS stylesheet for this:

div.mpdf_toc {font-family: sans-serif; font-size: 11pt;}

a.mpdf_toc_a  {text-decoration: none; color: black;}

/* Whole line level 0 */

div.mpdf_toc_level_0 {line-height: 1.5; margin-left: 0; padding-right: 2em;}

/* padding-right should match e.g <dottab outdent="2em" /> 0 is default */

/* Title level 0 - may be inside <a> */

span.mpdf_toc_t_level_0 {font-weight: bold;}

/* Page no. level 0 - may be inside <a> */

span.mpdf_toc_p_level_0 {}

/* Whole line level 1 */

div.mpdf_toc_level_1 {margin-left: 2em; text-indent: -2em; padding-right: 2em;}

/* padding-right should match <dottab outdent="2em" /> 2em is default */

/* Title level 1 */

span.mpdf_toc_t_level_1 {font-style: italic; font-weight: bold;}

/* Page no. level 1 - may be inside <a> */

span.mpdf_toc_p_level_1  {}

/* Whole line level 2 */

div.mpdf_toc_level_2 {margin-left: 4em; text-indent: -2em; padding-right: 2em;}

/* padding-right should match <dottab outdent="2em" /> 2em is default */

/* Title level 2 */

span.mpdf_toc_t_level_2 {}

/* Page no. level 2 - may be inside <a> */

span.mpdf_toc_p_level_2 {}

For additional ToCs, these will have <toc name=”“> attribute. Use the lowercase e.g. for name=”Figures”

#mpdf_toc_figures {font-family:Calibri; font-size: 10pt;}

#mpdf_toc_figures span.mpdf_toc_t_level_0 {color: red; }

Automatically Generated ToC entries

You can automatically generate ToC entries from h1 - h6 tags, by setting the variable h2toc.

Only the default ToC will be used if more than 1 ToCs are defined for the document.

H1 - H6 must be written with uppercase when defining the array.



$mpdf->h2toc = array('H1'=>0, 'H2'=>1, 'H3'=>2);

NB This will ignores calls from inside ToC e.g. if <tocpagebreak toc-prehtml=”<h3>Table of Contents</h3>” and H3 is set to auto-generate a ToC entry - these will be ignored.