mPDF Manual – Fonts & Languages

lang 6.x

The HTML lang attribute has a number of uses:

  • when OTL tables are being used for a font, the language from the lang attribute is used to select which OTL features are applied;
  • used in conjunction with CSS :lang selector to allow CSS styles to be applied;
  • can be used in conjunction with autoLangToFont and autoScriptToLang (cf.)

mPDF supports use of the lang selector in CSS. All of the following are supported:

  • :lang(fr)
  • p:lang(fr)
  • span:lang("syr")
  • [lang="fr"]
  • [lang='fr']
  • p[lang=fr]
  • p[lang="zh-TW"]

Note: [lang=zh] will match lang="zh-TW" and lang="zh-HK"

Limitation: class selectors and attribute selectors should be of equal specificity in CSS specification e.g.

:lang(syr) { color: blue; }

.syriac { color: red; }

should be of equal specificity, and thus apply whichever comes later in the CSS stylesheet. mPDF however gives :lang priority over .class

The use of the lang attribute and CSS selector is the recommended method for handling multi-lingual documents

Language tags

IETF tags should be used for lang which comply with the following:

  • a 2 or 3 letter Language code, followed optionally by
  • a hyphen and a 4 letter Script code, and or
  • a hyphen and a 2 letter Region code
  • i.e. [xx|xxx]{-Xxxx}{-XX}
  • mPDF deals with IETF tags as case insensitive
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