mPDF Manual – mPDF Variables


mPDF >= 5.0

Optional array containing font(s) to use for missing characters when using useSubstitutions.

Default set in config_fonts.php

Default value: array(‘dejavusanscondensed’)

Only relevant when using subsets (otherwise would add very large file), and doesn’t do Indic or arabic text

More than 1 font can be specified but each will add to the processing time of the script

Names used are as defined in $this->fontdata in config_fonts.php


$this->backupSubsFont = array(‘dejavusanscondensed’,’arialunicodems’,’sun-exta’);    // this will recognise most scripts

$this->backupSubsFont = array(‘dejavusanscondensed’,’arialunicodems’);    // good default - REQUIRES Arial Unicode MS