mPDF Manual – mPDF Variables


Decimal Mark alignment in table columns

CSS text-align supports decimal mark characters in table cells (TD and TH). HTML attributes align= and char= can also be used.

Characters to be used for alignment must be defined in the array decimal_align as a configuration variable

By default these are : period .  comma  ,  middot \B7 and arabic decimal mark \66B

$mpdf->decimal_align = array(
    'DP' => '.', 
    'DC' => ',', 
    'DM' => "\xc2\xb7", 
    'DA' => "\xd9\xab", 
    'DD' => '-'

The default character is a period.

To add additional characters, set configuration variable:

  • The UTF-8 representation of any non-ASCII characters must be used
  • Use any unused 2 character code starting with D for the array key


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