mPDF Manual – mPDF Variables


Decimal Mark alignment in table columns

CSS text-align supports decimal mark characters in table cells (TD and TH). HTML attributes “align” and “char” can also be used.

Characters to be used for alignment must be defined in the array $this->decimal_align in config.php

By default these are : period “.”  comma  “,”  middot “\B7” and arabic decimal mark “\66B”


$this->decimal_align = array('DP'=>'.', 'DC'=>',', 'DM'=>"\xc2\xb7", 'DA'=>"\xd9\xab", 'DD'=>'-');

The default character is a period.

To add additional characters, edit config.php

  • The UTF-8 representation of any non-ASCII characters must be used
  • Use any unused 2 character code starting with D for the array key