mPDF Manual – mPDF functions


mPDF >= 5.4

function CircularText($x, $y, $r, $text, $align=’top bottom’, fontfamily=’’, fontsize=0, fontstyle=’’, $kerning=120, $fontwidth=100, $divider=’’) {

x: abscissa of center

y: ordinate of center

r: radius of circle

text: text to be printed

align: text alignment: top or bottom. Default value: top

divider: optional character string to divide top and bottom text

kerning: (fixed) spacing between letters in percentage. Default value: 120. Zero is not allowed.

fontwidth: width of letters in percentage. Default value: 100. Zero is not allowed

  • uses automatic Kerning between letters if useKerning == true

See <textcircle> for more details