mPDF Manual – Fonts & Languages

About PDF files

In order for users to be able to read a PDF file, they need to be able to access the necessary fonts/characters. They can do this in three ways:

  • PDF files have certain standard fonts: Arial/Helvetica, Times and Courier in the win-1252 character set, and  Zapfdingbats and Symbol character sets. These fonts should be available to any PDF reading program, and do not need to be embedded in the PDF document.
  • Files using CJK (chinese-japanese-korean) characters can refer to standard fonts which are freely downloadable from the Adobe website. Users will need to download these font-packs to read the document. The four Asian fonts provided by Adobe contain all the characters in codepages: SHIFT_JIS, UHC (cp949), GBK, or BIG5.
  • Font information can be embedded in the file. It is possible to embed a subset of the font information selectively for only the characters used in the document, or the whole font file.
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