mPDF Manual – mPDF Variables


mPDF >= 2.3


Special case - rotated margins on Landscape pages


$mpdf->forcePortraitMargins = true; (default = false)

If default page orientation is P(ortrait), then adding new page L(andscape) causes the left/right margins to be used as top/bottom, and vice-versa.

(NB similar to $forcePortraitHeaders which does the same but also rotates the [HTML] headers/footers.)

NB - if using OddEven (double-sided document), it is the Portrait orientation L/R margins that alternate.

When adding a page, you must only call $mpdf->AddPage(‘L’) or <pagebreak orientaion=”landscape” /> - if you try to set new margins/headers etc. for new landscape pages when forcePortraitMargins=true, it will go wrong