mPDF Manual – mPDF functions


(mPDF >= 6.0)

InsertIndex — Generate an Index for the document


void InsertIndex ([ int $usedivletters [, boolean $uselinking [, string $indexCollationLocale [, string $indexCollationGroup ]]]])

Inserts an Index for the document based on index entries made using <indexentry> or IndexEntry().



Defines whether to divide index entries starting with the same letter, using a (large) letter as a heading.



1: show dividing letters in the Index

0: do not show dividing letters in the Index

BLANK or omitted uses a default value of 1


Specify whether to add hyperlinks (internal links) to the entries in the document Index.

TRUE or 1: add links to Index

BLANK or omitted, 0 or FALSE: do not add links to the Index



Set a Locale to determine the overall sort order of index entries e.g. ‘en_GB.utf8’. Available options are determined by the locales available in your system configuration. Always use a utf-8 locale.

BLANK or omitted uses current locale set in your system.


If you have set your index to use Dividing letters, this value will determine how letters are grouped under a dividing letter. Values should be selected from the files in folder /collations/ e.g. ‘English_United_Kingdom’

NB This will not affect the overall order of entries, which is determined by the value above.

BLANK or omitted - grouping occurs under the first letter of the index entries.


6.0 Function was added

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