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Versions 5.5 and newer

The changes between versions can be seen in the changelog in the repository.

Versions 5.4 and before

mPDF 5.4
Files changed
examples/show_code.php  -----  SECURITY RISK**
examples/example57_new_mPDF_v5-3_active_forms_b (replace example57_new_mPDF_v5-3_active_forms)

Files added

config.php changes
Edited: $this->allowedCSStags, $this->innerblocktags, $this->defaultCSS;  (CAPTION added in each case)
Moved: Numerous $form_.. variables are now in /classes/form.php

New config variables
$this->bookmarkStyles = array();
$this->cacheTables = true;

New methods
function CircularText()
function SetVisibility()

New/Extended CSS
box-shadow (block elements - does NOT support "inset")
text-shadow (all text elements - does NOT support "blur")
visibility: visible|hidden|printonly|screenonly (block-level elements and images IMG only)
text-transform: capitalize|uppercase|lowercase (extended to support TD/TH)
color, strikethrough, underline and background-color (extended to support rotated TD/TH)
underline and strike-through (extended to support TD/TH)
underline (line colour)  (extended to work correctly in watermark)
page-break-after: left|right|always (block elements and tables)
    NB respects $mpdf->restoreBlockPagebreaks = true; i.e. will make pagebreak act like formfeed
background[-color]: extended to support rgba|cmyka|cmyk|hsla|hsl|spot
border(extended to support inline elements)

<textcircle />

New features / Improvements
Tables - Zebra Stripes
Tables: overlapping rowspans (partially) supported
Tables - Disk caching
Using progress bars (or $showStats) now reports 'real' memory usage i.e. get_memory_usage(true)
Support for query string in the URLs for external stylesheets e.g. @import url("style.css?ltcyy7");
Table caption partially supported
BookMark styling
Spread tables i.e. can split table (columns) across several pages width.
Can use chelvetica, ctimes and ccourier to specify core fonts in a non-core font document
Spread tables i.e. can split table (columns) across several pages width.
{colsum} in <tfoot> cell will insert a column total per page.
SVG embedded as island in HTML supported
Active Forms
    textarea and input (text types) now accept javascript as:
    onKeystroke, onValidate, onCalculate and onFormat
    onChange is depracated but works as onCalculate (for textarea and input)
    (PS Select still accepts onChange cf. 5.3.37)
Ledger and Tabloid added as page formats recognised. NB Ledger is same as tabloid but landscape. In mPDF, both give the same size (portrait)
so need to add -L e.g. Ledger-L for landscape.

Internal script changes
Changed this->k to _MPDFK throughout all scripts
Changes to color (packed binary data in string rather than array) to reduce memory usage esp in tables
Internal variables Removed
vars $ChangePage, $p_bottom_border, $img_margin_top(+) $issetcolor + other similar  removed

Removed a whole load of // comments
Updates to remove some more Warning Notices (not all marked in text)
Border set on TR - changed so set on each cell, rather than retrospectively at end of TR
All references to table['text'] removed as not needed - uses ['textbuffer'] instead
OpenTag(TD) changes to reduce memory usage with tables
Includes different method to set a default timezone
fn _smallCaps does not need (undefined) $space
this->chrs and this->ords replaced by chr() and ord()
Headers in out.php updated to match those used in Output()
Change to SetFont() to improve performance time
Change to GetStringWidth() to improve performance time
Corrected copying of Glyphs 0,1,2, to all subset fonts (non-SMP/SIP), and only setting 32->127 in subset
Subset fonts (non-SMP/SIP) have additionally Unicode CMap tables (0,0,4 and 0,3,4) as well as Microsoft (3,1,4)
Subset fonts (SMP/SIP) have CMap tables (1,0,6 and 3,0,4) - rather than 1,0,6 and 3,0,6
Subset fonts (SMP/SIP) have 'name' table changed to give 1,0 and 3,0. As it is a symbol font (not Unicode encoded) :
    needs to have a name entry in 3,0 (e.g. symbol) - original font will have 3,1 (i.e. Unicode)
Automatically checks for HTML code length > 100000 characters and gives error warning if
     PHP < 5.2.0 (as not configurable) or increases pcre.backtrack_limit if PHP < 5.3.7

function UseTableHeader($opt=true)  fn removed / depracated
function UsePRE($opt=true) removed
$attr['REPEAT_HEADER'] == true      CSS removed / depracated
$this->usepre=true; removed / depracated as never needed - always respects PRE whitespace

ToC: NB Values can no longer be set directly e.g. as in example
    $mpdf->TOCheader = array(); // array as for setting header/footer
    $mpdf->TOCfooter = array(); // array as for setting header/footer
    $mpdf->TOCpreHTML = '<h2>Contents - Portrait</h2>'; // HTML text to appear before table of contents
    $mpdf->TOCpostHTML = '';    // HTML text to appear after table of contents
    $mpdf->TOCbookmarkText = 'Content list';    // Text as it will appear in the Bookmarks (leave blank for none)
Need to use TOCpagebreak either direct (or array version) or as HTML
OR if absolutley necessary, could use:
    $mpdf->tocontents->TOCheader = array(); // array as for setting header/footer
    $mpdf->tocontents->TOCfooter = array(); // array as for setting header/footer
    $mpdf->tocontents->TOCpreHTML = '<h2>Contents - Portrait</h2>'; // HTML text to appear before table of contents
    $mpdf->tocontents->TOCpostHTML = '';    // HTML text to appear after table of contents
    $mpdf->tocontents->TOCbookmarkText = 'Content list';    // Text as it will appear in the Bookmarks (leave blank for none)

Further Details

CSS border on inline elements
Support for CSS border (and variants) on inline elements e.g. <span style="border-bottom: 1px dashed #000000;">
Border styles solid|dotted|dashed|double only are supported. Border radius not supported.
Nested inline elements will have repeat left|right borders on the nested content (unlike browsers)

Tables - Zebra Stripes
TABLE - striped rows cf.
tr:nth-child(odd) { background-color: #99ff99; }
thead tr:nth-child(3n+2) { background-color: #FFBBFF; }
td:nth-child(2n+1) { background-color: #BBBBFF; }
table.zebraTable td:nth-child(2n+1) { background-color: #BBBBFF; }
table.zebraTable th:nth-child(2n+1) { background-color: #BBBBFF; }

NB mPDF does NOT correctly apply specificity to all CSS
table.zebra tbody tr:nth-child(2n+1) td { background-color: #FFFFBB; }
table.zebra tbody td:nth-child(odd) { background-color: #BBBBFF; }

should make every odd row yellow, and every odd coloumn blue, but with the row/yellow overriding the column/blue.
In mPDF the td:nth-child(odd) trumps the plain td, so the column colour wins out. You can force the effect you want by using
table.zebra tbody tr:nth-child(2n+1) td:nth-child(1n+0) { background-color: #FFFFBB; }

(The :nth-child(1n+0) selector just selects every td cell.)

Tables - Disk caching
TABLES: using disk caching
// Using disk to cache table data can reduce memory usage dramatically, but at a cost of increased
// executon time and disk access (read and write)
$this->cacheTables = true;
NB      $this->packTableData will be overridden to => true; // required for cacheTables
        $this->simpleTables will be overridden to => false;  // Cannot co-exist with cacheTables

Table caption
Must come immediately after <table...>
CSS caption-side and HTML align attribute of top|bottom supported (not attribute left|right)
Handled as a separate block element brought outside the table, so:
    CSS will not cascade correctly on the table
    width of caption block is that of page or of the block element containing the table
    so alignment will be to the page-width not the table width
    if table page-break-after: always, the caption will follow the pagebreak.
This does work:
.tablecaption { caption-side: bottom; text-align: left; font-weight: bold; color: green; }
<caption class="tablecaption">Caption title here</caption>

CSS visibility: printonly, screenonly
Roughly based on CSS

Works on Block elements P, DIV etc, or Image
Cannot nest / layer.
Inner blocks/image with set visibility are ignored if already set on enclosing block element.
(Block element) does not work inside table (image does)
So 'visible' does nothing but is set as default
(NB Changes output to PDF version 1.5)
Incompatible with PDFA / PDFX

    Value:      visible | hidden | (collapse | inherit)
    Initial:    visible
    Applies to:     all elements
    Inherited:      yes

The 'visibility' property specifies whether the boxes generated by an element are rendered.
Invisible boxes still affect layout (set the 'display' property to 'none' to suppress box generation altogether).
Values have the following meanings:

    The generated box is visible.
    The generated box is invisible (fully transparent, nothing is drawn), but still affects layout.
    Furthermore, descendants of the element will be visible if they have 'visibility: visible'.
collapse | inherit
    NOT supported in mPDF

printonly | screenonly

Added VISIBILITY function
$mpdf->SetVisibility('screenonly'); or 'printonly' 'visible' or 'hidden'
(NB Changes output to PDF version 1.5)
Incompatible with PDFA / PDFX

function CircularText($x, $y, $r, $text, $align='top', $kerning=120, $fontwidth=100) {
x: abscissa of center
y: ordinate of center
r: radius of circle
text: text to be printed
align: text alignment: top or bottom. Default value: top
kerning: spacing between letters in percentage. Default value: 120. Zero is not allowed.
fontwidth: width of letters in percentage. Default value: 100. Zero is not allowed

- now uses Kerning between letters if useKerning == true (set manually see example)

BookMark styling
New configurable variable to control appearance of Bookmarks e.g.
$this->bookmarkStyles = array(
    0 => array('color'=> array(0,64,128), 'style'=>'B'),
    1 => array('color'=> array(128,0,0), 'style'=>''),
    2 => array('color'=> array(0,128,0), 'style'=>'I'),

Column sums
(Also changed some preg_replace to str_replace to improve performance)
To use: just add {colsum} to any cells of the table footer <tfoot>
Add a number to specify a fixed number of decimal points e.g. <td>£{colsum2}</td>  will give you £123.40
The width of the column will be calculated using the actual string {colsum} as a placeholder.
If you need the column to be wider, use underscores "_" to pad it e.g. {colsum2_____}

Spread tables
i.e. can split table (columns) across several pages width.
CSS <table style="overflow: visible">
Cannot use with:
$this->kwt - ignored
$this->table_rotate - ignored
$this->table_keep_together - ignored
$this->ColActive  - cancels spread tables

Messes up with:
$mpdf->forcePortraitHeaders = true;
$mpdf->forcePortraitMargins = true;
Problems with CJK, and RTL

Will do no resizing of fonts at all.
Maximum width of column = page width i.e. will not split columns across pages - NB will keep colspan>1 on one page
If table row too high for page will die with error message.
Will override some specs for width if this creates conflicts
Recommended to specify absolute value of width on each column.

Bug fixes
Dottab - if text after dottab is hyperlinked <a></a> then dots are underlined

page-break-before now respects $mpdf->restoreBlockPagebreaks = true; i.e. will make pagebreak act like formfeed
Annotation() function called directly with colorarray(r,g,b)

Added urldecode to _getImage to cope with ../name%20of%20image.jpg
Added urldecode AND htmlspecials_decode to href in <a> link e.g.;q=mpdf&amp;filename=name%20of%20file
[barcode.php] Allow &nbsp; in C39 codes - will be changed to spaces

<table> inside a <div position:fixed, left:300px;> not calculating table width correctly
    - leading to either upside down table or error width less than 1 character

Depracated magic_quotes_runtime() in compress.php

DIRECTW included twice in compress.php
FORMS mark up for compress.php corrected

double backslashes not preserved inside <pre> or <textarea>

font-weight and font-style not recognised in <pageheader>

Progress bars causing corrupt PDF file (out.php) changed fopen from "r" mode to "rb" (binary)
Target around image - <a href="#internaltarget"><img ... /></a> - not working

SmallCaps in <thead> error

Fonts with "name" table in format 1 not recognised correctly
Rotated table which does not fit on remaining page, forces a new page even if already at top of page

Locale causing problems - all instances of sprintf() using %.3f changed to %.3F so not locale aware

CSS border radius not implemented on fixed/absolute positioned block element

Background color in rotated table extending way beyond bottom of table

Nested table containing <thead> or <tfoot> was confused with <thead> or <tfoot> of parent table

Correct handling of spaces, < or & in textarea

<option> and <input ..> attributes value/title decoded with fn lesser_entity_decode instead of htmlspecialchars_decode to include &apos;

line width not restored to correct value after "line-through" text in Cell()

Kannada - incorrect positioning of Reph

Forms - In <input> or <option> (select) not correctly handling HTML named entities e.g. &lt; in value or title
Active forms - &nbsp; as Value or Title incorrectly showing as Euro - PDFDocEncoding fixed

Unicode data in embedded fonts not encrypted when doc encrypted

Nested block elements which are empty including innermost one, top margin of innermost block was ignored

font-size: xx% inside a block was setting on block's parent font-size

Active forms - radio buttons (removed name from Widget - leave on Radio group)
    causing problems accessing field for radio buttons

When using simple tables and border-collapse, if table border set, but cell borders not set, should display table border (fixed)
position:fixed block - if neither top nor bottom nor height specified, was positioned incorrectly (y)
Leave - if top, bottom, margin-top, margiin-bottom and height are all left unspecified (or auto), will centre vertically
on the page (specific to mPDF - not consistent with CSS2.1)
But if any one of them are specified (including e.g. margin-top=0), follows CSS spec, so top is the current "static" position

background-image-opacity=0 not working on BODY or BLOCK

Lists - if LI continues after a nested List, would add as a new LI item (should continue as part of earlier LI item)

fn WriteCell() converts to 'windows-1252' when required
if multiple calls to mPDF used, cannot redefine function cmp()
internal link targets <a name="xx" /> in ToC not moved when using: page-break-inside:avoid
internal link targets <a name="xx" /> not moved when using: columns, page-break-inside:avoid, keep-with-table or table rotate

Active Forms - onChange not working for SELECT (cf. 5.3.25) Example 57 only worked by chance as JS was carried over from Select to Text field
Bug is fixed, but example file needed updating to onCalculate for the display field.

Table cell: if height set as %, currently sets it as % of page-width; instead this now ignores it.

Bengali letter Khanda Ta (U+09CE) character not recognised; was added in Unicode v4.1 and prior to this, (U+09A4 U+09CD U+200D)
    so mPDF converts to this string and seems to work.

OCR characters wrong size in barcodes if using different ocr font - fixed

mPDF v5.3   (21/07/2011)

New Features
- Active forms (see on-line manual for details)
- 128-bit encryption (optional) with additional user-permissions (see on-line manual)

PLEASE READ - Change in Font management
The font name imported from the font and included by mPDF in the PDF file was stripping any '-' in the name.
This is the PostScript name which is utilised by some PostScript programmes.
mPDF has been changed to leave the PostScript font name unchanged. In 99% cases no difference will be noted, but
you MUST delete all the temporary font data files cached in the  /ttfontdata/ folder for this to be effective.

Minor changes
If @page CSS is used to select a first page with settings different from the default, mPDF did create a blank page
    then pagebreak to the new @page settings - this has been changed so it now will start with the new page settings.

New function added: DeletePages($start_page, $end_page=-1)  e.g. $mpdf->DeletePages(1);
    Can be used just before calling Output()

compress.php utility extended to exclude active forms and images-svg

Bug fixes
- list-style-type: (custom version, user-defined bullet) colour change not working if colour is set on the list item line
- background-image: SVG or WMF images as background-images in tables/tr/cells not working
- font-weight: bold font not always reset after inline <b>...</b> thus miscalculating width
- forms (inactive) in 'c' core fonts using unicode characters 127-255 incorrect display in input text and button text
- form elements (inactive) if in-line with mixed size fonts, error in vertical positioning of text related to box
- ToC: wrapped lines in ToC not retaining formatting e.g. bold style
- HTMLHeaders: using setAutoTopMargin="pad"; not correctly setting top margin for first page
- output headers changed: Content-length not used if server uses output compression
- embedded font subsets from fonts which contain non-BMP plane 0 characters (incl. e.g. dejavusanscondensed)
    - causing Adobe Reader to create a CJK encoded font subset internally when loading interactive Forms
    - Changed so unsets the flag in the subset font to show no non-BMP characters.

Configurable variables added (see config.php file):
All for Active Forms:

PLUS: see additional values added to $this->allowedCSStags close to bottom of file - required for Active forms

Updated files
config.php  (NB as well as form stuff at top, 5.2.07 $this->allowedCSStags close to bottom of file)

mPDF v5.2   (18/06/2011)

New Features
Improvements in font handling resulting in clearer display of fonts on screen, and improved compatibility with PostScript drivers
    (e.g. use with GSView/GhostScript, see below)

CJK line-breaking implemented (roughly) according to rules. Configurable variables allow control of behaviour (except in tables).

Viewer preferences: added options for initial 2 page display where you can specify whether
    1st page is on left or right (cf. SetDisplayMode).

Custom list-style-type for a list (ul,ol) or a list-item (li) in which you can determine the character and colour of the bullet:
    list-style-type: U+263Argb(255,0,0); - where U+263A is the Unicode HEX value of the character you want for the bullet
    - character MUST be included in the font used for that list item. rgb() bit is optional

Bug fixes
- Fonts: embedding a BMP TTC font (e.g. Cambria) as a full font caused error
- Table: If cell width set by CSS as %, and page-break-inside avoid requires a new page, was losing the sizing
- Table: table borders CSS parsing error; if border-width, border-style, border-color set, not inherited correctly
- Table: Table background image or gradient not working in HTMLHeader/Footer
- Table: background color set on table (anywhere) will overwrite image/gradient
- Table Background image/gradient: If left/right margin is set on table, gradient/image set on table is too wide
- Table: rotated table - height (after first page does not correctly allow for thead i.e. too much)
- Table: blank <tr></tr> causes error
- Table/Letter-spacing: If letter-spacing set inside table, not calculating table width correctly, and if oversized, freezes
- ToC: ToC at top of page (non-mirrored or already ODD) did not reset page_number if told
- Character subsititutions: characters missed if first element in a $html code e.g. WriteHTML('Not in a tag &#10003;');
- Kerning: kerning info: if reading font file for first time (or if not cached in ttfontdata/) did not register kerning info
- Textarea: multiple new lines run into only one newline
- QRCode - colors wrong because QRcode class only accepts RGB input (hardcoded now to always give black on white)
- QRCode always producing "Your message here"
- Columns: if transforming height of column, not always closing transform Q
- CakePHP compatibility
- compress.php - error due to markup comments in mpdf.php script file

Backwards compatibility
Changes in mPDF 5.2 are backwards compatible with version 5.1
Your document fonts may appear slightly different in the PDF viewer because of the changes to embedded font subsets (cf.)
The new Indic fonts may result in a change in spacing (due to the different character width of the space character from the original font)

PostScript e.g. GSView/GhostScript
A number of errors have been reported when opening mPDF-created PDF files with a PostScript programme. Some of the errors were due to mPDF,
but others were due to peculiarities of GSView/GhostScript.
- Diacritic Characters were not displayed when embedding a font subset
- Fonts containing SIP/SMP characters (supplementary Unicode planes) caused errors
- Error with text justification (word-spacing) when embedding a full font can occur in some fonts*
The first 2 problems should now be fixed in v5.2
*The error with text justification can be optionally fixed by setting the configurable variable in config.php:
    $this->repackageTTF = true;
    When mPDF embeds a full font, it simply embeds the whole original TTF file into the PDF document. For some fonts (containing
    a GSUB table) this was causing problems. $this->repackageTTF forces mPDF to repackage the original TTF file excluding some of
    the tables like GSUB.
(See ADDITIONAL INFO FONTS.txt in downloaded files)

Font appearance in PDF viewer
Font subsetting has been improved to include additional information in the embedded file. Overall the effects are of greater clarity
when viewing the document on a screen (it will not affect print output), but the changes are dependent on:
- the original TTF font i.e. the options that the font's author has built into the file
- the PDF viewer i.e. whether the programme chooses to use the available information
- the resolution (zoom) of the page you are viewing
(See ADDITIONAL INFO FONTS.txt in downloaded files)

Indic fonts
A new set of Indic fonts (ind_xx_1_001) is distributed with version 5.2 containing the additional font information as described above.
In addition, some changes have been made to the ASCII characters in the font from the files previously distributed:
The original files (Raghu font files) do not contain the characters a-z and A-Z. When the first version indic files were created for mPDF,
ALL of the ASCII characters (32-127) were inserted/overwritten from DejaVuSansCondensed to make the font more usable.
In the latest version, only the missing characters are taken from DejaVuSansCondensed, leaving punctuation and numerals from the original
fonts. This also means that the space character has a different width, and this will cause slight changes to the word spacing in documents.
(See ADDITIONAL INFO FONTS.txt in downloaded files)

CJK line-breaking (text wrapping)
CJK (chinese-japanese-korean) text often contains no spaces. mPDF previously has wrapped text whenever a character reached the end of
the line. mPDF version 5.2 attempts to follow the line-breaking rules described for each of the languages. Configurable variables
allow some control over this behaviour, especially whether to squeeze a character into the space available at the end of a line, or
whether to allow it to overflow the right margin.

Configurable variables (see config.php file):
Control wrapping of CJK text:
    $this->allowCJKorphans = true;  // FALSE=always wrap to next line; TRUE=squeeze or overflow
    $this->allowCJKoverflow = false; // FALSE=squeeze; TRUE=overflow (only selected)
When Embedding full TTF font files, remakes the font file using only core tables
May improve function with PostScript printers
    $this->repackageTTF = false;

Updated files
config.php (3 new variables - see above)

All ttfonts/ind_*
New set of Indic fonts for PostScript compatibilty - and clearer font display

mPDF v5.1   (27/02/2011)

New Features
- CSS background (images, colours or gradients) on <TR> and <TABLE>
- CSS border on <TR> (only in border-collapsed mode)
- support for Mozilla and CSS3 gradient syntax:
    -moz-linear-gradient, linear-gradient
    -moz-radial-gradient, radial-gradient
    -moz-repeating-linear-gradient, linear-repeating-gradient
    -moz-repeating-radial-gradient, radial-repeating-gradient
- expanded support for gradients (including in SVG images):
    - multiple colour 'stops'
    - opacity (transparency)
    - angle and/or position can be specified
- gradient can be used as an image mask (custom mPDF styles: gradient-mask)
- image-orientation supported for <IMG> (similar to existing custom mPDF attribute: rotate) [CSS3]
- image-resolution supported for <IMG> [CSS3]
- background-image-resolution (custom mPDF CSS-type style) to define resolution of background images
- improved support for SVG images
- SVG and WMF images supported in background-image
- file attachments
- numeric list-styles added e.g. arabic-indic, bengali, devanagari, persian, thai [CSS3]
- font kerning supported (inter-character spacing between specific pairs)
- letter-spacing and word-spacing supported [CSS3]
- colors supported as rgb(), rgba(), hsl(), hsla(), cmyk(), cmyka(), or spot()
- spot colors supported e.g PANTONE 310 EC
- PDF/X compatible files
- optionally force use of grayscale, RGB or CMYK colorspace
- automatic colour conversion for most objects between grayscale, RGB and CMYK

Backwards compatibility
Most changes in mPDF 5.1 are backwards compatible with version 5.0 i.e. your documents should
look the same running 5.1   However some changes may alter display from previous versions:
- RTL (right-to-left) languages - see below
- bleed margins when using @page CSS - see below
- Default distance for "cross" from inner margin changed 10->5mm [hardcoded in fn. Footer()]
- If height set on a block element, will force a new page if set-height will not fit on page
- If table rotated, 5mm margin at bottom is now reduced to 1mm
- If image is too big for page and automatically sixed to maximum height of page, 10mm margin at bottom reduced to 1mm

Colours may appear more vibrant
Unless specifically set, Adobe Reader uses the RGB colorSpace by default when displaying documents. However
if an image or gradient using transparency (or alpha channel) is included in the document, Adobe Reader
automatically sets the default colorSpace to CMYK - which makes the colours look less vibrant/bright on screen.
mPDF 5.1 now specifies by default a colorSpace RGB for each page, and this will maintain the more
vibrant colours. This is overridden if you use on of the options to restrict the colorSpace (cf.)

Handling of RTL (right-to-left) languages has been significantly rewritten, and is likely to cause
changes to the resulting files if you have previously been using mPDF. The changes have made mPDF
act more like a browser, respecting the HTML/CSS rules.
Changes include:
- the document now has a baseline direction; this determines the
    - behaviour of blocks for which text-align has not been specifically set
    - layout of mirrored page-margins, columns, ToC and Indexes, headers and footers
    - base direction can be set by any of:
        - $mpdf->SetDirectionality('rtl');
        - <html dir="rtl" or style="direction: rtl;">
        - <body dir="rtl" or style="direction: rtl;">
    - base direction is an inherited CSS property, so will affect all content, unless...
- direction can be set for all HTML block elements e.g. <DIV><P><TABLE><UL> etc using
    - CSS property < style="direction: rtl;">
    - direction can only be set on the top-level element of nested lists
    - direction can only be set on <TABLE>, NOT on THEAD, TBODY, TD etc.
    - nested tables CAN have different directions
- NOTE that block/table margins/paddings are NOT reversed by direction
    NB mPDF <5.1 reversed the margins/paddings for blocks when RTL set.
- language (either CSS "lang", using Autofont, or through initial set-up e.g. $mpdf = new mPDF('ar') )
    no longer affects direction in any way.
    NB config_cp.php has been changed as a result; any values of "dir" set here are now ineffective
- default text-align is now as per CSS spec: "a nameless value which is dependent on direction"
    NB default text-align removed in default stylesheet in config.php
- once text-align is specified, it is respected and inherited
    NB mPDF <5.1 reversed the text-align property for all blocks when RTL set.
- the configurable value $rtlcss is depracated, as it is no longer required
- improved algorithm for dtermining text direction
    - english word blocks are handled in text reversal as one block i.e. dir="rtl"
    [arabic text] this will not be reversed [arabic text]
    - arabic numerals 0-9 handled correctly

Although the control of direction for block elements is now more configurable, the control of
text direction (RTL arabic characters) remains fully automatic and unconfigurable.
<BDO> etc has no effect. Enclosing text in silent tags can sometimes help e.g.
    content<span>[arabic text]</span>content

Justified text
Text-align: justify - no longer uses configurable variable $jSpacing= C | W | ''
The default value is for mixed letter- and word-spacing, set by jSWord and jSmaxChar
If a line contains a cursive script (RTL or Indic [devanagari, punjabi, bengali]) then it prevents letter-spacing
for justification on that line - effectively the same as setting letter-spacing:0
Spacing values have been removed from the config_cp.php configuration file, so the "lang" property
(in config_cp) no longer determines justification behaviour (this includes the use of Autofont()).
When using RTL or Indic [devanagari, punjabi, bengali] scripts, you should set CSS letter-spacing:0
whenever you use text-align:justify.

@page media
When using @page to create a print publication with page-size less than sheet-size
- bleed margin is now configurable (also crop- and cross-mark margins)
- backgrounds/gradients/images now use the bleed box as their "container box"
- odd-header-name: supports the value "_default" - allows current non-HTML header to remain unchanged
- marks: crop cross; i.e. both together supported
- background-image-opacity and background-image-resize now work with @page CSS

SVG images - extended support
- support for spreadMethod property for gradients (repeat and reflect)
- support for style="font-family; font-size; font-style; font-weight" i.e. inline CSS
- when viewPort="" and width="" height="" all specified, uses width to set SVG size of a "pixel"
- support for opacity and multiple "stops" (and colorspace) in gradients

Minor Enhancements
- support for colors as rgb(87%, 56%, 25%) [used especially in SVG]
- added option of "NoPrintScaling" in SetDisplayPreferences
- compress.php - now combines BACKGROUND-IMAGES and GRADIENTS as BACKGROUNDS, and added PROGRESS-BAR
- table with THEAD row will force a new page if no room for the THEAD AND a row from TBODY
- Small-Caps now works properly together with text-align justify
- embedded font subsets restructured (minor) for greater compatibility e.g. with Postscript printers
- PDF/A will convert everything except grayscale to RGB (by default) or CMYK (optionally)

Bug fixes
- Display changed to CMYK colour gamut when document contained an object with transparency set.
    Now will retain RGB colorspace (brighter colours)
- If using dir="rtl", tables containing nested tables were not properly reversed
- "text-rotate: 0" set in CSS stylesheet did not 'undo' any text-rotate set on the row (TR)
- Malayalam - character re-ordering
- If height set on a block element, was not taking account of padding top/bottom
- embedded font subsets: error in array of Font Widths fixed
- <style>..</style> containing /* import url() */ the comments were not ignored
- If call mPDF class more than once, error using multiple barcodes or gif files because classes not reinstantiated
- Floating blocks were collapsing bottom/top margins - incorrectly
- Table: if colspan>1 contents are wider than the width of the included columns, did not increase column width(s) to accommodate
- Resizing table - script hanging and new page forced when not required (still)
- If a table style="page-break-inside:avoid" not fit on the page, was adding new page before resizing EVEN IF on a blank page
- End of 2 blocks (e.g. </div></div>) at very bottom of page, forcing unwanted pagebreak
- Corrected handling of tags inside <pre>
- RTL left-aligned text - line ending with <br /> not correctly left-aligned
- <input type=submit|reset etc name="xxx" e.g. Google button showed as I&039;m feeling lucky
- Annotations all linked to Page 1 (parent object)
- Error "division by zero" using columns
- MultiCell() and Write() [direct writing functions] - miscalculating length of line in non-core fonts (+ other bugs)
- error if CJK space at end or beginning of line with 0x20 spaces in as well

Configurable variables (see config.php file):
[$this->rtlcss removed]

Updated files
config_cp.php (removed references to dir - but not essential to update - just redundant information)
/font/helvetica*.php and /times*.php

Added CSS support
All Block elements including <BODY> <TABLE> <TR>
background-image-resolution: normal | [ from-image || <dpi> ]
direction: [ rtl | ltr ]    (HTML attribute dir also supported)
background: [ gradients ]
background-image: [gradients ]

For [ gradients ] syntax see:
- Mozilla linear -
- Mozilla radial -
- Mozilla gradients use -
- CSS3 linear gradients -
- CSS3 radial gradients -

Almost all elements - block and in-line
font-kerning: auto | normal | none  // need to set $mpdf->useKerning = true;
letter-spacing: normal | <length>
word-spacing: normal | <length>

Anywhere that color is specified (e.g. color, background-color, borders)
- rgb(255,255,255)
- rgba(255,255,255,1)       // last value is transparency (alpha) - between 0-1
- rgb(100%,100%,100%)
- hsl(360,100%,100%)        // H: 0-360; S/L: 0-100%; a:0-1
- hsla(360,100%,100%,1)
- cmyk(100,100,100,100)     // or 0-100%
- spot(COLOR NAME, 100%)    // e.g PANTONE 310 EC; use AddSpotColor() to define first



gradient-mask: [can use any of the gradient syntax]
image-orientation: <angle>              - supports deg, rad or grad
image-resolution: normal | [ from-image || <dpi> ]

list-style: arabic-indic | bengali | devanagari | gujarati | gurmukhi | kannada | malayalam | oriya |
        persian | telugu | thai | urdu | tamil

marks: [ crop || cross ]        - i.e. crop and cross can be used together
odd-header-name: "_default"     - allows current non-HTML header to remain unchanged
background-image-opacity: [ 0-1 ]
background-image-resize: [ 1-6 ]    - see Manual

mPDF v5.0   (30/09/2010)

New Features
- Font handling simplified, reads TrueType font files directly

Minor Enhancements
- rotation of fixed-position block elements (see example 10 and manual for supported CSS)
- support for CSS Small-Caps font-variant added
- utility scripts in /utils/ folder to help font management
- new simplified functions AddPageByArray() and TOCPageBreakByArray() added
- progress bar simplified and customisable
- improved word-wrapping for CJK langauges
- improved recognition of CJK/Indic/Arabic characters
- invalid UTF-8 input now outputs a meaningful error by displaying input html with errors marked
- GIF or PNG images with transparency/interlaced/non-standard compression handled as internal data
    if /tmp/ folder is not present or writeable
- support for <html dir="rtl">
- support for "display: none" on inline elements
- annotations supported in fixed-position block elements

Bug fixes
- <br /> preceded by space does not correctly text-align to right
- zero-width character in middle of line caused line-break (e.g. diacritic or U+200C = ZWNJ)
- HTML attributes not recognised if spaces e.g. 'src = "..."'
- Headers changed for output - problem reported on IE8 64-bit using SSL
- using SetAutoPageBreak(false) used caused unexpected behaviour with table rows at page break
- (from Beta) incorrect check for temporary font data folder causing errors
- artificial Bold/Italic not working in table cell when using rotated text
- allow <dottab> to inherit font color correctly
- SVG now works with Adobe 7
- background in header overwriting text
- vertical text in table header not correctly horizontally positioned when repeated
- compatibility with PHP &ge; 4.3 (htmlspecialchars_decode, stripos)
- updated depracated script PHP 5.3.0 ($string{1} to $string[1], $var =& new Object(), set_magic_quotes_runtime)
- index (CreateIndex) number string incorrect if arabic(rtl) text anywhere in document
- MultiCell incorrectly calculate string length/width when using core fonts
- page-break-inside:avoid - used with non-HTML footer had space inserted for footer height
- page-break-inside:avoid - error if more than 1 page height but not enough to trigger second pagebreak
- page-break-inside:avoid - incorrectly layering page backgrounds (headers and content brought forward)

Changes from 5.0 Beta
If you are upgrading from the Beta version - you MUST delete all files in the  /ttfontdata/ temporary directory
- config.php file has been changed (extra CJK characters to recognise CJK blocks)
- $this->backupSubsFont (in config_fonts.php) optionally now takes an array
- no need to define 'cjk'=>true or 'sip|smp'=>true in config_fonts.php (ignored; cf. $this->BMPonly)
- Indic language fonts have been altered to add Latin and Latin-1 Supplement characters
- progress bars now has an external progbar.css and configurable main heading
- added initial parameter new mPDF('+aCJK') or '-aCJK' to override default useAdobeCJK at runtime
- QRCode is not included in main download (but as an extra package)

If you have been using earlier versions of mPDF, most scripts should work as before. But note:
- Arial, Helvetica, Times and Courier are now treated like any other font
- the whole CSS font string is parsed e.g. style="font-family:'Lucida Grande';" will look for a font 'lucidagrande'
and not 'lucida'

Configurable variables (see config.php file):
- $mpdf->useSubstitutionsMB is now depracated, but will work as an alias for $mpdf->useSubstitutions
The initial parameters e.g. new mPDF('utf-8') have all changed. Old ones may be recognised, or will be ignored.
- $mpdf->useOnlyCoreFonts is now depracated and is ignored. Use new mPDF('c')
- $this->use_CJK_only is now depracated and is ignored. See $this->useAdobeCJK and new mPDF('+aCJK') or '-aCJK'
Control SmallCaps appearance
- $mpdf->smCapsScale = 0.75;    // Factor of 1 to scale capital letters
- $mpdf->smCapsStretch = 115;   // % to stretch small caps horizontally
Customisable Progress bar
- $mpdf->progbar_heading = 'mPDF file progress';
- $mpdf->progbar_altHTML = '';
Control fonts/subsetting
- $mpdf->maxTTFFilesize = 2000;
- $mpdf->percentSubset = 30;
- $mpdf->debugfonts         // show font errors and warnings
Replaceable alias
- $mpdf->iterationCounter = false;  // Allow use of {iteration varname} in THEAD

mPDF v5.0Beta   (21/07/2010)

New features
The main change in mPDF v5 is the handling of TTF and TTC fonts directly.
See README.txt and FONT INFO.txt for more information

QR-code (2-dimensional barcode) Added
Size=1 is an arbitrary 25mm widthxheight. error="L|M|H|Q"
text="" can be numeric, alphanumeric or binary(?)
Required whitespace is always included around it

- progress-bar is simplified (no javascript class)
- dir="rtl" supported in <html> or <body> tag

Bug fixes
- artificial Bold/Italic now working in table cells with rotated text
- "-" is now allowed in a font name e.g. sun-exta
- <dottab> now inherits font color correctly
- SVG class bugs fixed (was crashing in Adobe Reader v 7)
- background color/image in header no longer overwrites the header text

Changed Config variables
$this->useSubstitutionsMB is depracated
Character substitution always occurs when using core fonts.
Use $this->useSubstitutions for all cases.

New Configurable variables
$this->useAdobeCJK = true;      // Uses Adobe CJK fonts for CJK languages
            // default TRUE; only set false if you have defined some available fonts that support CJK
            // If true this will not stop other CJK fonts if specified by font-family:
            // and vice versa i.e. only dictates behaviour when specified by lang="" incl. AutoFont()

// Set maximum size of TTF font file to allow non-subsets - in kB
// Used to avoid e.g. Arial Unicode MS (perhaps used for substituteCharsMB) to ever be fully embedded
// NB Free serif is 1.5MB, most files are &le; 600kB (most 200-400KB)
$this->maxTTFFilesize = 2000;

// If not -s (i.e. forced subset) this value determines whether to subset or not
// 0 - 100 = percent characters
// i.e. if ==40, mPDF will embed whole font if >40% characters in that font
// or embed subset if <40% characters
// 0 will force whole file to be embedded
// 100 will force always to subset
$this->percentSubset = 30;

$this->debugfonts - show errors and warnings for font parsing

Config variables removed




files changed:

examples_04 (images)

config var added:

Bug fix:
Complex page with ToC entries ++ (example_ToC_bug4_5_015.php) caused Apache to crash
AdjustHTML() preg_pattern for matching <hx>... </hx>  <table for keep-together - altered and fixed ? matching
Seemed to crash when content="Graph 12" between the <h> - 2 numbers (12) crash, 1 didn't!!!

Bug fix:
Using TrueType fonts, unused font is not embedded in the PDF doc. This was fine except an error message appeared after printing in Adobe Reader,
because Font reference /F1 still present in doc pointing to non-existent resource.
Edited so that the reference is now removed from the page if font unused.

TrueTypeUnicode fonts width array inserted as shortened form array (smaller file size)

Bug fix: Incorrect handling orphan characters in table
(cf. fixed in 4.2 - but going back to it still problems)
If xxxxx. fits but xxxxx.. doesn't: WriteFlowingBlock wraps it to next line, TableWordWrap sqeezed it onto one line
TableWordWrap fixed to only allow one orphan char. even if it fits with that one.

Added Windows BMP image support

SVG class:
- improved recognition of lineargradients/radialgradients referenced by xlink:href
- does not die if empty text string
- support for many text properties as style="" as well as currently as attributes (bold, fill etc)
- if using MB font, was respecting "Times" and "Courier" from the SVG file but using as ANSI not utf-8

graph.php updated to include SVG - need to define in graph.php (as well as set up TTF fonts)
(SVG graph does not include CSIM, 3D skew.)

t1asm.php has an error in the error message if .dat fontfile not found (".char.dat")

Bug fix: Using page-break-inside:avoid, if nothing would have been printed on page 1 before next page, elements going all over the place!
    Also problem shifting images - fixed
    Also wasn't shifting WMF/SVG images - fixed

New config var
$this->tableMinSizePriority = false;
If page-break-inside:avoid but cannot fit on full page without
exceeding autosize; setting this value to true will force respsect for
autosize, and disable the page-break-inside:avoid
[NB edit Manual Table>>autolayout algorithm]

Bug fix
Table set to avoid page-break-inside: in some circumstances entered loop with recalculating size
Fudge factor added of 0.001 in tbsqrt to calculate shrink factor

Bug fix
If table set to avoid page-break-inside and table height (resized) exactly==remaining page - was triggering page break
Fudge factor added of 0.001 in tablewrite to query pagebreak

Bug fix in makefonts/makefonts.php
Also changed the links in Step4 & 8 which move the newly created files to the font directory - will now show error message if error -
will NOT overwrite existing files. (Put in manual already)

Bug fix in class/t1asm.php
If you have magic_quotes_runtime set On - problems using embedded subset.

JPG "Exif" file recognised from header, and handled much more quickly and efficiently (not using GD)

mPDF v4.5   (21/04/2010)

New Features
The main change in 4.5 is the improved class for importing SVG images. (See details below)

Font files
Some bugs in the "makefonts" utility caused some errors in the files produced for embedding font subsets.
Surprisingly these are not easily detectable (I have yet to find one!).
All the font files used for embedding font subsets (the .dat and .dat.php files in /unifont/ folder)
have been re-generated. Download them if you are having problems with any fonts - otherwise, you probably
don't need to bother.

Minor Enhancements
If keepColumns = true (i.e. disable readjustment of column length), mPDF will now reproduce
table header/footer rows in each column [4.4.015]

A number of changes to improve processing time [4.4.012]
[Thanks to carlholmberg]

JPG files with header marked as "progressive DCT-based JPEG" are now supported [4.4.004]

Configurable variable (config.php) $dpi can be set to vary size interpreted from "px" values in HTML/CSS
NB Recommended that $dpi should always be set the same as $img_dpi

Support added for "ex" as a size value (approximates "ex" as half of font height)

Configurable variable (config.php) $watermarkImgAlphaBlend will determine how watermark images
will blend with underlying objects.

Bug fixes
- Make-fonts utility : makefonts/makefonts.php [4.4.016]
    (All font files have been updated)
- Table header of only one column width - not printing right border [4.4.014]
- WMF and SVG images not rotating correctly to 90 or -90 degrees [4.4.013]
- Using templates, error if imported doc contains templates itself [4.4.001]

Updated Files
ALL subset font files (/unifont/ .dat and .dat.php files), and all garuda and norasi files

New files

New config variables

All but one changes in mPDF 4.5 are fully backwards compatible.
The configurable variable $this->watermarkImgBehind was introduced in v4.4 and was unintentionally set to TRUE
In v4.5 this is set to FALSE in the config.php file.

SVG Images
[svg.php CHANGED]
- Text stroke-width default changed to 1 [4.4.011]
- Text stroke - line-join type changed [4.4.010]
- Default value for fill changed to "black" [4.4.008]
- Bug fixes:
  * to correct calculation of text-length (and therefore alignment R and C) [4.4.009]
  * Corrected errors in path implementation esp. quadratic Bezier curves
  * rounded corners to rectangles - error corrected
  * Recognition of font-family improved
  * remove \n (and other non-printable chars) from text
  * zero length shapes are not output e.g. zero-width rectangle, zero-length line, zero-radius circle
- Support added for:
  * gradient stop offsets and gradientUnits="userSpaceOnUse" [4.4.007]
    In mpdf.php enabled define inner radius for radial gradients - only used internally by SVG at present
  * user defined <ENTITY /> cf. 'render-elems-03-t.svg' in SVG Test Suite [4.4.006]
  * "color" attribute and "currentColor" value for fill and stroke [4.4.005]
  * fill:url(#...) in a style as well as attribute
  * xlink:href for gradients
  * 1.3002e-005 in svg path
  * text-style changes (e.g. text-anchor) set on <g> element - not just on <text>
  * fill-rule=evenodd|nozero
  * dashed lines / stroke-dasharray & stroke-dashoffset
  * gradientUnits=userSpaceOnUse;
  * units e.g. 3mm or 14pt in Rectangle, Circle, Ellipse, Line and Text position
  * transform on <text> element
  * stroke as well as fill on text

NB The following are still NOT supported for SVG
- filters
- <marker>
- images
- <pattern>
- textlength; lengthadjust; tspan, tref, toap, textPath;
- <use ../>
- gradient on stroke/text;
- <clipPath>
- text-underline and strikethrough
- text opacity
- colors as rgb(87%, 56%, 25%)
- rect using units for dimensions
- Only uses default spreadMethod = "pad" for gradients

mPDF v4.4   (24/03/2010)

New Features
- Support SVG image files (partial)
- Rotate images or graphs (by multiples of 90 degrees)
- Set opacity (transparency) for background images
- Control resizing of background images
- Set whether to print watermark images behind or in front of page contents
- Reduced memory usage when printing tables (partly configurable)
- Option to set path to folder for temporary files
- Improved compliance for CSS text-align justify
- Increased support for CSS "media"
- Improved performance when accessing local image files

Minor Enhancements
- Allows space in output file name e.g. $mpdf->Output('t est.pdf','D'); [4.3.007B]
- Header changed in Output to improve compatability with IE6 (affects 'D' and 'I') [4.3.012B]
- background-images do not show noimage.jpg if missing [4.3.012D]
- simpleTables (which improves performance) now also allows: background-color, -gradient and -image, padding
    and rotated text to be set for each cell. Only borders are not supported cell-by-cell. [4.3.006]

Bug fixes
- Page width not correctly reset when defining default page margins (L/R) by @page [4.3.007C]
- Table row <TR> with a background-color, paints the whole row, including the spaces between cells [4.3.005]
    NB This should have been fixed in [4.2.028] but got left out!
- UseSubstitutionsMB causes errors inside <textarea> and <select> so now disabled in these 2 situations [4.3.004]
- CSS background: 'none' did not cancel background-image/background-color if it comes later [4.3.002, 4.3.011]
- Warning message 'depracated' (as of PHP 5.3) when using Templates [4.3.007]
- AutoFont incorrectly altering multibyte characters ending in \xa0 [4.3.012C]
- "Initial" default value for border-width changed from 1px to 'medium' e.g. border-top: solid #000000; [4.3.010]
- WMF image sometimes inverted [4.3.016]

Updated Files

New files

New config variables
$this->watermarkImgBehind = false;

All changes are backwards compatible except the handling of some background-images - please see notes below.

Watermark Image z-order
By default mPDF prints watermarks on top of the page contents to ensure that they are not hidden by backgrounds
(especially table cells).
You can specify watermark images to be printed behind page contents by setting a configurable variable:
$this->watermarkImgBehind = true;  // default=false

Rotating Images and Graphs
Images or graphs can be rotated (by multiples of 90 degrees) using a custom HTML attribute e.g.
<img rotate="90|-90|180" ... />
<jpgraph rotate="90" ... />
Valid options are: 90|-90|180.
Positive values are clockwise.
If width is specified e.g. width="3cm" this is applied to the rotated image i.e. will be width 3cm after rotating

Background Image Opacity
A custom CSS property "background-image-opacity": is now supported on BODY, DIV+ (block elements) and TD
Takes values between 0 and 1.0

Resizing Background Images
A custom CSS property "background-image-resize": is now supported on BODY, DIV+ (block elements) and TD
0 - No resizing (default)
1 - Shrink-to-fit w (keep aspect ratio)
2 - Shrink-to-fit h (keep aspect ratio)
3 - Shrink-to-fit w and/or h (keep aspect ratio)
4 - Resize-to-fit w (keep aspect ratio)
5 - Resize-to-fit h (keep aspect ratio)
6 - Resize-to-fit w and h

N.B. Prior to v4.4 background-images were incorrectly constrained to maximum width of the containing block.
The default is now to do NO resizing on background-images. Setting "background-image-resize:3" should be used
for backwards compatibility.
[4.3.015, 4.3.012D]

SVG Image files
SVG image files are now partially supported (but as for WMF - not as background-images).
viewBox (preserveAspectRatio is not supported)  viewBox="0 0 400 200"  width="400" height="200"
Takes viewBox in preference to width/height if present on <svg>
If neither present, will size to width of page (square) as the containing box.
Units are interpreted as pixels if undefined.
Doesn't recognise internal CSS <style> elements
Gradients only take 2 colours which are taken as stop-offset 0% and 100%
[4.3.013 & 4.3.017]

Reduced Memory Usage printing Tables
mPDF uses a lot of memory when processing large tables. Parts of the script have been rewritten to
reduce memory consumption when writing tables which use collapsed borders (10-25% saving).

Memory usage can be reduced further by setting a configurable variable:
$this->packTableData = true;  // default=false
but note that this causes a significant increase in processing time.
[4.3.008, 4.3.019, 4.3.014]

User-defined path to Temporary folder
mPDF uses a folder to write and store temporary files when processing images. By default this is the
This is now user-definable by defining the constant _MPDF_TEMP_PATH before including mpdf.php script.

Text Justification
In a justified text block, an inline image, textarea, input, or select causing a new line will now force
the previous line to be justified. HR and BR do NOT force justification (as in browsers).
For optional compliance of MS Word behaviour, there is a new configurable variable:
$this->justifyB4br = false; // Change to true to force justification before a <BR> (as in MS Word)

CSS support for @media
Now supports media-dependent CSS styles e.g.
@media print {
    p { color: red; }
as well as
<style media="...">...</style> and
<link rel="stylesheet" media="print" href="..." />
Proper matching of CSS media to select using configurable variable:
$this->CSSselectMedia='print';  //  default="print" set in config.php : screen, print, or any other CSS @media type (not "all")
N.B. $this->disablePrintCSS in now depracated

mPDF v4.3   (28/02/2010)

- Page (sheet) size can be reset within document ( [4.2.024, 4.2.025]
- PDF/A1-b compliant files (
- Improve performance using simpleTables (
- mPDFI incorporated into main mPDF class (
- <dottab> added as custom HTML tag: inserts dots to the following text, which is right-aligned [4.2.031]

See Example files 38 and 39 for PDFA compliant file and <dottab>

All changes are backwards compatible except the use of mPDFI. You will need to make minor changes to your scripts.
See the manual for details.

- When using Table of Contents and not resetting page numbers: HTML headers/footers showed incorrect page number [4.2.020]
- Table of Contents: last page not printing page background-color [4.2.023]
- Image file with space " " in the file name failing [4.2.016]
- Image file path unnecessarily resolved to full URI - changed to use relative path if possible [4.2.029] ***
- Table - not calculating height of cell correctly [4.2.015, 4.2.012, 4.2.011, 4.2.009]
- Table row breaking after/during cell when image in cell taller than font-height [4.2.008]
- When Table row(cell) greater height than the page-height but requiring resizing greater than allowed by autosize - not resizing [4.2.005]
- Table cell border not resized correctly [4.2.002]
- Table row <TR> with a background-color, paints the whole row, including the spaces between cells [4.2.028] ****
- Background-image in HTMLFooter not correctly setting 0,0 origin [4.2.014]
- Background-image set as an in-line style not working [4.2.013]
- Background-image set in CSS @page or <body> was being constrained to less than page size [4.2.032]
- Imported Templates overwriting Headers (with images or gradients) [4.2.004]
- When using imports/templates, HTML header with background-image causing page to disappear [4.2.001]
- block-style element breaking over more than 2 pages incorrectly adjusting L/R margins [4.2.022]
- CSS @page property "size" set on :left :right or :first pseudo-selectors - disabled [4.2.022]
- Annotations default colour incorrectly set in PDF as [100 100 0] corrected to [1 1 0] (seemed to work ok?) [4.2.026]
- Overwrite() now parses input file more tolerantly recognising more source files [4.2.030]

**** Bug fix 4.2.028 never got into the release of v4.3  Included in next release [4.3.005]
**** Bug fix 4.2.029 never not fully implmented in v4.3  Included in next release [4.3.012]

Changed files
Added files/folder: /mpdfi/filters/*.*
Added file/folder: /iccprofiles/sRGB_IEC61966-2-1.icc
mpdfi/mpdfi.php (no longer required)

New Configuration variables

Minor changes
Increased PDF file compatibility with spec 1.4
- PDF version changed to 1.4
- A binary file marker (a comment line with 4 characters > 127 ASCII) is added just after the first line
- %%EOF no longer has line break after it [4.2.010]
- /ID object is added to trailer object when not encrypted [4.2.010]

When using progress bars, one of the JS scripts is now referenced as an external file
 to allow it to be cached by user's browser and improve performance for end-user [4.2.007]

Importing external PDF files: LZW encoded PDF files are now supported

When adding an annotation, the popup window can be set be either open or closed when the document is opened [4.2.027]
- size and position of the popup can also be specified

mPDF v4.2   (27/01/2010)

- image handling improved
- table layout - additional control over resizing
- vertical-alignment of images - better support for all CSS types
- top and bottom margins collapse between block elements
- improved support for CSS line-height
- display progress bar whilst generating file
- CSS @page selector can be specified when adding a pagebreak
- CSS @page selector allows different margins, backgrounds, headers/footers on :first :left and :right pages
- PNG images with alpha channel fully supported
- ability to generate italic and bold font variants from base font file
- CJK fonts to embed as subsets
- "double" border on block elements
- character substitution for missing characters in UTF-8 fonts
- direct passing of dynamically produced image data
- background-gradient and background-image can now co-exist

Bug fixes
- empty variable (undefined var, false, null, array() etc.) sent to WriteHTML produced error message "Invalid UTF-8"
- CJK in tables when not using CJK (utf-8-s) autosized very small as characters did not word-wrap
- parsing stylesheets: background image not recognised if containbed uppercase characters in file name
- "double" border on table used white between the lines instead of current background colour
- $this->shrink_tables_to_fit = 0 or false caused fatal errors
- background color or images not printing correctly when breaking across pages
- background not printed for List inside a block element
- columns starting near end of page with no room for a line triggering column change (resulting in text misplaced) not page break
- table cell not calculating cell height correctly when "orphan" characters (;:,.?! etc.) at end of line
- table breaking page in column 2 when col 1 is rowspan'ned
- margin-collapse at top of page not working if bookmark/annotation/indexentry/toc
- column break triggered by HR triggering a second column break
- an empty 'position:fixed' element with no/auto width or height caused fatal error
- mPDFI: template documents were overwriting HTML headers
- mPDFI: function Overwrite (to change text in existing PDF) - fatal error if using with encrypted file

Bug - not fixed
- WriteHTML('',2) with '2' parameter not recognising 'margin-collapse:collapse' for DIVs or 'line-height' set in default CSS 'BODY'

New or Updated Files
All files in new folder: /progress/*.*

NEW FOLDER /tmp/ required with read/write permissions - used for temporary image files or progress bars

mPDF v4.1.1  (21/12/2009)
Error corrected in /makefont/makefonts.php file (moved completed Unicode files to font folder instead of unifont)

mPDF v4.1  (20/12/2009)
MySQL support for embedded font subsets abandoned, and replaced with file-based.

Files no longer required
/unifont/*.ufm and /unifont/*.t1a font files

MySQL Database no longer required

Files Updated

New files
/unifont/*.dat and /unifont/*.dat.php font files

- Image - If automatically resizing to fit maximum page size incorrectly subtracted margin-header
- Annotation and textarea in same HTML chunk causes mPDF to crash (preg_replace textarea with /u modifier in AdjustHTML)
- set_magic_quotes_runtime error ($mgr not $mqr)
- Table align did not reverse when using RTL document

Alteration: Image - if writing Image in fixedpos div position:absolute - to allow Image to be resized to full page size

mPDF v4.0  (17/12/2009)

Major additions
- Ability to embed font subsets (creating much smaller files)
- Much improved support for Arabic languages
- Support for Indic languages including consonant conjuncts
- Support for Fixed position block elements
- New utility to help create your own fonts
- PNG alpha channel transparency supported
- New utility to create smaller mpdf script with reduced functionality (less memory)
- Multiple Barcode types supported

*  For more details see the documentation manual:  *

Bug fixes (parsing CSS)
- <link  href="" ... was not recognised if > 1 space between words
- #Content p em { font-style:italic; } was applied to "#Content p"
- @import url() embedded in a stylesheet file requires path fixed relative to stylesheet file
- background-image url() embedded in a stylesheet file requires path fixed relative to stylesheet file
- comment tags inside CSS <style> embedded in the HTML were removed
    Now fixed so <style><!-- ... --></style> works; <!-- <style>...</style> --> is removed

Bug fixes (other)
- clear (CSS property for floating elements) caused properties for that element to reset to defaults
- width: auto caused collapse of border and padding on L & R of ordinary block elements
- text-indent not inherited correctly (including em and % values)
- named colour "steelblue" corrected RRGGBB hex code
- table cell widths in %: if width of table cells set to &ge;100%, and not all columns are set
    This was fixed in 3.2 but led to problem where 2 cols: 1) 80% and 2) not set (see Table sizing test)
    Now fixed again to work for both(?)
- parse PNG error fixed
- bachground-image not correctly positioned in HTMLFooter and HTMLHeader (Not fixed properly in 3.2!)
- fonts not supported with 0-9 in the name
- font list in GetCodepage() in htmltoolkit.php (now config_cp.php) containing space " " not recognised
- list number positioning
- list font size set in CSS for UL/OL not working for first level list
- table width (real value, not %) not working in nested table
- GIF file failed if PDF file not compressed
- list-style-type incorrectly inherited
- line-height inheritance in lists
- SetColumns added a new line - not required if at start of document/page
- footer_line_spacing did not work
- table cellPadding="" overwrote cell padding set on cell CSS
- could not turn off Default non-HTML foter LINE
- border specified as "em"
- default values set in mpdf.css overriden by inherited properties e.g. <div><h1>Here</h1></div> lost font-size for H1

mPDF v3.2  (25/10/2009)
Bug fixes
- Table cell widths in %: if width of table cells set to &ge;100%, and not all columns are set -> froze, because tries to produce a column of no width
- Ouput download file changed to allow compatability with IE6 (
- Image error if relative path used on domain root (e.g. img src="image.png" and basepath is [attempted fix in 3.1 not working]
- Table: if font changed in cell, font was not retoring properly afterwards causing errors (restoreInlineProperties())
- Lists: list items containing <br />, font not restoring after bullet
- Graceful support for block elements inside list items e.g. <li><p>... (not supported, but tolerated)
- Index: Created dividing letters separately for Uppercase and lowercase
- Incorrectly changing input character set when encountering e.g. charset=iso-8859-1 in the text of the document
    - Changed so only detects it if within <head>...</head>
- If Keep-with-table (i.e. H1-6 before table and use_kwt true), if pagebreak forced anyway, borders did not print on previous page
- Background-image used in HTML footer not appearing (correctly)
- RTL tables: nested tables will not automatically transpose L->R
- "Keep heading with table" - changed to allow <h1 style=".."> not just <h1>
- "Keep heading with table" - backgrounds (bgcolor, image or gradient) incorrectly handled - now removed
- Rotated table spread over more than 1 page caused enclosing block background colours to be be rotated along with table
- CSS text-indent % now correctly suported (% of containing block width)
- CSS width em on a block element e.g. DIV now correctly suported
- calculating _tableheight, if remainingpage==0, get error (div by zero)
- Table moved to next page with page-break-inside=avoid, produced an enlarged table (font)
- RTL text-align override on BODY text was not working consistently
- Arab characters: Character &#x647; (HEH) appearing in Final presentation form instead of Isolated
- Vertical position of background-image on whole page incorrect
- SetProtection can now be used with no permissions set (was not working unless at least one permission set)

Some more undefined indexes and variables declared (courtesy of DSmart )
Comment lines removed for < v3.0 to tidy up code

CSS style height now partially supported on block elements DIV, P, H1 etc. --IF--
    - block is all on one page
    - will extend the block but not shorten it
    - will not force a pagebreak (max. at bottom of page)
    - % is interpreted as % of printable page height (inside margins)
<TFOOT> now supported (placed at start as in HTML spec) displays at end of table, and repeats as a footer
Background-image and background-gradient now supported in TD and TH (works in all cases except: background-image is not rotated or
    positioned correctly if table is rotated)
NB Background images and background-gradients do not work if Columns are being used, or if $use_kwt is TRUE (keep-with-table),
     or if page-break-inside:avoid is active.

Updated files

mPDF v3.1  (30/08/2009)

Bug fixes
- Image error if relative path used on domain root (e.g. img src="image.png" and basepath is
was giving [3.1]
- Errors in parsing background CSS (background-repeat, background-position etc) [3.1]
- Textarea did not corectly convert width or height in units relating to font e.g. em [3.0beta_01]
- If page margin-bottom set to zero, SetHTMLfooter() crashes with "Division by zero" error [3.0beta_01]
- Table with header row and rowspan in tbody, not calculating maxrowheightcorrectly
- Prevent Index breaking column just after a dividing letter
- Select or input form field when text around it is justified had text in the form field justified
- TocBookMarkText needs to be htmlspecialchar-ed - decoded when entered inside <tocpagebreak>
- <img src="" /> caused crash
- DisplayPreferences used as a variable name and a function: function renamed to SetDisplayPreferences()
- Image with src file not including a "." incorrectly parsed (e.g.

New Features
- var $debug (true|false) default false; show or hide error reporting at output stage [3.1]
- var $autoPageBreak (true|false) default true; allows overriding of automatic page breaks [3.0beta_02]
- <indexinsert /> HTML equivalent of CreateIndex() [was CreateReference()]
- 2nd attribute/parameter "xref" in IndexEntry() and <indexentry> - works like IndexEntrySee() as cross-reference entry
- function SetWatermarkText allows null parameters to be passed i.e. SetWatermarkText() - will clear the WatermarkText
- <watermarktext content="" alpha="" /> - HTML equivalent of SetWatermarkText()
- <watermarkimage src="" alpha="" position="" size="" /> - HTML equivalent of SetWatermarkImage()

See Manual at for more information - especially:
- User's Guide>>What Else Can I Do?>>Backgrounds & Borders
- User's Guide>>What Else Can I Do?>>Floating blocks

Files updated:

Developers only
mPDF&le;3.1 generated a large number of warning "Notices" if run with full eror_reporting on, due to array indexes not being initiated e.g.
$arr = array();
if ($arr['index'] == 5 ) {...}

To prevent this, lines were added at the start of the mpdf.php script to turn error notices OFF.
In a move towards making mPDF able to run with full error_reporting on, a large amount of the script has been altered
e.g. the line above would be changed to:
if (isset($arr['index'] && $arr['index'] == 5 ) {...}

Although I have tested this with a number of examples, it is almost certainly not complete. Therefore the error_reporting for Notices is still turned
off in mPDF 3.1
If you care to test it, please uncomment line 43 (//error_reporting(E_ALL);) and report any warning notices that you get.
NB This has added about 40kB to the script size.

mPDF v3.0beta  (14/06/2009)

New Features
- CSS "float" partially supported (as well as clear:left|right|both)
- CSS "background-image" "background-position" "background-repeat" "background-color" "background" supported for block-level elements
- CSS background-color and background-image for <body > element added: this covers the whole page i.e. not just inside the "margins"
- CSS background-color and background-image can be defined for CSS @page{}
- Background gradients (linear or radial) can be defined using a custom CSS style property
- Border radius can be defined to give rounded edges to block elements (uses draft CSS3 spec.)
- page number can be reset to any value during the document (in AddPage() <pagebreak> etc.)
- PNG images: Interlaced and alpha-channel-set PNG images now supported
- internal links supported in Indexes (parameter added to CreateIndex()/CreateReference(): $useLinking=true;)
- HTML Headers and footers now support hyperlinks
- improved handling of <br>, block elements, and text lines inside table - approximates better to browser handling
- borders of block-level elements & table cell borders supported (partially) in columns
- optional error reporting for problems with Images ($showImageErrors)
- ToC will word-wrap long entries
- internal links (Bookmarks, IndexEntry and ToCEntry) rewritten to give more accurate positioning (when used as <tag>)
- autofont algorithm improved for CJK languages
- define text before and after page numbers ($pagenumPrefix; $pagenumSuffix; $nbpgPrefix; $nbpgSuffix;)
- Additional color names supported - full list from SVG1.0

Bug fixes
- Column width not resetting after an automatic pagebreak, or after setting HTMLheader
- using AutoFont unnecssarily changed htmlspecialchars to code causing errors
- Lists inside a table - incorrectly calculating table cell height
- CJK - 4-byte utf-8 chars not displaying properly (includes HKCS characters)
- mailto: links incorrectly handled
- TOCpagebreak() - usePaging default clarified: true unless specified as '', 0, '0' or false; (null ->true)
- <tocpagebreak> (as html tag) with no "name" defined, used at start of page, added a further blank page(s)
- Lists - inaccurate calculation of space required for numbers in certain circumstances
- Generated images (.php) only working if cURL enabled - (fixed, but rquires allow_url_fopen if remote file)
- flag added to turn off error reporting when buffering used ($allow_output_buffering = false;)
- RTL text in Bookmark, Title, Author, Creator, Keywords, and Subject was reversed - Adobe Reader 9 now correctly handles RTL text ( which Reader 8 did not)
- TOC - if not using ODD/EVEN paging, did not add extra page and messed up
- Rotated table which did not fit on remaining page resized to bigger than default
- HR of width less than 100% - text continued on line after it
- HR alignment not working (fixed so both CSS text-align and margin: 0 0 0 auto etc work)
- HR in table did not correctly re-size when necessary
- characters in symbols/zapfdingbats which in non-utf-8 mode are represented as chr(173) incorrectly handled as soft-hyphens
      (bug introduced 2.5 with soft-hyphens - affects symbols &#8593; arrow-up and Zapfdingbats &#9313; encircled 2)
- Internal links (anchors) - Annotation/Bookmarks etc. incorrectly positioned when page orientation changed
- ToC - when using multiple ToCs, internal links were not correctly adjusted
- anchor (a name="") used inside a table was incorrectly positioned at the end of table
- Tables: cell height calculated incorrectly when BR used
- Table rotated with "page-break-inside:avoid" not kept on one page
- Table rotated and split over > 1 page - vertical alignment inaccurate
- Headers/Footers (non_html) when no style set caused errors
- Table: breaking page when using rowspan error (line 17142)
- ToC: If no indent defined in HTML tag <tocpagebreak> or defined as 0 gave error

In mPDF 3.0 the following sections of code have been significantly rewritten:
- painting of borders and background colours for block-elements
- table of contents
- Index
- vertical justification in columns (uses scaling to stretch vertically)

NB changed htmltoolkit AdjustHTML - does not now remove <br> before </div>
    Warning - may display differently in normal text as well as tables

Files updated:

Developers only
- Background-color handling in CSS changed so only inherited/cascaded when Columns active or Keep-block-together
      - otherwise would overwrite background image with inherited color
- all %.2f used in sprintf() changed to %.3f in htmltoolkit.php and mpdf.php to increase accuracy of div border lines in columns etc.
- variable $use_embeddedfonts_1252 renamed to $useOnlyCoreFonts as more precise: depracated but still supported.
- this version included quite abit of tidying up/future-proofing some code:
      $var{0} changed to substr($var,0,1) etc.  (due to go in PHP6)
      ereg_ changed to preg_    (depracated in PHP5.3) - (NB mainly in htmltoolkit.php)

mPDF v2.5  (01/05/2009)

New Features
- Automatic Hyphenation added, and support for soft-hyphens
- Encryption works now for CJK language documents
- Improved text justification
- Support for 'generated' images e.g. "../ontheflyimage.php"

Bug fixes
- Tables: cell height did not reduce if font-size used was smaller than table default
- Columns: if setcolumns() to the same number already active - did not print out last bit of previous columns
- Page-break in the middle of a block caused incorrect margin and padding on next lines until end of block ($cMargin reset to 0 in AddPage)
- <HR> in table cell was printing in incorrect position (bug introduced in mPDF 2.4)
- Justification
  - if only one word on line, did not respect maximum character spacing
  - last character of line incorrectly had character spacing applied
  - Space at the end of last line of a Right Justify block - e.g. "end. </p>" now correctly ignored
  - &nbsp; incorrectly treated as a character when justifying text with word/char spacing
  - CJK punctuation (.,) added as 'orphans' to keep at end of line
- PNG files - was still buggy reading larger PNG files (due to fread)

Files updated:
/patterns/.. (new files)

Developers only
Variables renamed as more accurate or appropriate:
- var $isunicode renamed as $is_MB
- var $usingembeddedfonts renamed as $usingCoreFont
CJK changed to act internally as UTF-8 encoded
- (NB CJK Half-widths not supported from 2.5+ i.e. big5-hw gb-hw)

mPDF v2.4  (23/04/2009)
Files updated

New files
Graphs - Requires new folder: path_to_mpdf/graph_cache/ (must be writeable)

New features
Annotations improved so they appear as a pop-up
Re-use Document Templates (cf. RestartDocTemplate() in manual)
Limited support for CSS float property on an IMG element allowing text wrapping e.g. <img style="float: right;"> (cf. Images in manual)
Utility function PreparePreText() allows output of a text file which may include <pre>
Automatic generation of graphs from data in tables (requires integration with JPGraph) (cf. Graphs in manual)

Other Changes
IMPORTANT - User rights removed as not working with newer version of Adobe Reader 9 (affects Active forms and ability for users to modify annotations)
Corrects text alignment when using {nb} or {nbpg} in (non-HTML) headers/footers
Sets default timezone if not already set (at top of mpdf.php) to prevent E_STRICT ERROR message
Suppresses E_NOTICE error reporting (at top of mpdf.php)
Error capture in Output() to avoid PDF header being sent when error messages generated
A function str_ireplace added to htmltoolkit to allow PHP4 to function

Bug fixes
WMF images incorrectly positioned when in-line
PNG images > 8kB failed to load - (fix in 2.3 didn't work - fixed properly this time)
Annotations containing a new line (\n) causing an error
Evaluation of <pre> text: "<code>[TAB] " evaluated incorrect number of spaces to follow to align tabs, because < was calculated as 4 chars (&lt;)

mPDF v2.3  (22/03/2009)

New Features
- Optionally detect language and when to use special fonts i.e. RTL (arabic), CJK (chinese), Thai (see SetAutoFont() etc.)
- Supports HTML attribute "lang" in all tags and uses special fonts when required (see $useLang)
- Joins Arabic and Farsi/Persian text into presentation forms
- Import another PDF file and use as templates in your document (see UseTemplate() and mPDFI in the manual.)
- Replace specified text strings in an existing PDF file (see OverWrite() etc.)
- More than one Table of Contents can be used in a document (see tocpagebreak etc.)
- Restore properties of open HTML block elements after a page break (variable $restoreBlockPagebreaks or new tag <formfeed>)
- <annotation> <bookmark> <indexentry> <tocentry> can now accept characters <>'"& as htmlentities - htmlspecialchars(..., ENT_QUOTES)
- <annotation> can now accept "\n" for new line
- support for opacity (CSS3 property) for images
- specify the number of spaces to substitute for TAB when parsing <pre> tags
- greater control over margins and display when changing page orientation during document (see $forcePortraitMargins and $displayDefaultOrientation)

Bug fixes
Fonts in CSS - Not parsing font-family: Trebuchet MS; correctly as trebuchet
Fonts in CSS - CSS font-family: [unknown]; setting first $available_unifont rather than ignoring
Images - not displaying on IIS platform
Images - .wmf not displaying if (allow_url_fopen) not set
Table borders - in defaultCSS, 'MARGIN-COLLAPSE'=> collapase not quoted therefore not working
Line-break inside table - printing a blank background across page rather than just going down a line
Form fields inside tables - will now resize if the table is autosized (shrunk)
<pre> containing a '<' was changed to '&lt;'
Tabs inside <pre> were all changed to 8 spaces, not the remainder following a string
Header on first page was inset by 1mm left and right ($cMarginL and $cMarginR not set to zero)
Table nested inside a cell with colspan > 1 was incorrectly handled
PNG file crashed (?incorrectly defined PNG file) [adapted _parsepng to account for unexpected]
Table or Cell - if font-size not recognised, mPDF set font-size to zero
Font-sizes - [xx-small|x-small|small|medium|large|x-large|xx-large] were not recognised in tables

mPDF v2.2.1  (17/02/2009)
Bug fix - (bug introduced in 2.2)
Table - header row did not return to top of page when repeating across pages.

mPDF v2.2  (15/02/2009)
Updated files from mPDF 2.1
mpdf.css (new)
New files from mPDF <2.0 (only required for EAN Barcodes)
font/ocrb.xx (several)
unifont/ocrb.xx (several)
IMPORTANT - you need to make sure the ocrb font is added to the config.php file
 - add 'ocrb' to the end of 3 arrays: $this->available_fonts  $this->available_unifonts  and  $this->mono_fonts

Summary of changes
- external stylesheet file (mpdf.css) is used to configure default values ($useDefaultCSS2 and $defaultCSS2 are no longer used)
- special comment tags to hide mPDF tags from browsers: <!--mpdf ...  mpdf-->
- AddColumn() function added (equivalent to <columnbreak>)
- annotations - pop-up messages the reader can move or delete (if you set permissions)
- support for WMF images as well as GIF, JPG, PNG
- watermark image can be set instead of, or as well as text
- nested tables can include other content
- improved control over table layout
- margin: auto now supported for table and block elements

A number of methods and variables have been renamed or reCapitalised for consistency.
Changes should be backwards comaptible.
All user methods start with a Capital, all user-defined variables start with lowercase.
Reference() -> IndexEntry()
CreateReference() -> CreateIndex()
$TopicIsUnvalidated -> $showWatermark
setUnvalidatedText() -> SetWatermarkText()

PHP appears at present to be case-insensitive for function/method names
All the following functions have been renamed in the script with a capital first letter:

Variable names changed to lowercase first letter:
(Variables are case-sensitive therefore aliases have been set up)

Bug fixes
Columns - $keepColumns=true was incorrectly calculating the place to continue printing after 1 and half columns (of 3)
Table cell height - incorrectly setting table cell height when cell contained a line of text of large size which wrapped to more than one line
HR in Table cell - if table cell contains only HR (and column otherwise empty), HR was printed outside cell
HR in Table cell - if table cell ended with a HR, height was one line too much
Table page-break-inside:avoid - caused mPDF into permanent loop in some circumstances
Paging - Total Pages/Group {nb} and {nbgp} didn't work in CJK
CSS - Border size thin, medium and thick were only recognised in lowercase
Table-header - rowspan not correctly output in THEAD
Default CSS - table empty-cell:hide changed to show (CSS specification)

mPDF v2.1  (24/01/2009)

New Features in Version 2.1
- CSS support improved generally (especially for cascading CSS, lists)
- TableHeader changed to allow multiple rows in THEAD

CSS changes
- display: none (block elements only - not lists or tables, nor HR)
- width (TD/TH)
- list-style-type (will also recognise the list-style-type from list-style) (OL/UL)
    recognised values: disc|circle|square|decimal|lower-roman|upper-roman|lower-latin|upper-latin|lower-alpha|upper-alpha|none
- CSS support for <LI>: font-family, font-size, font-style, font-weight, color, background-color, text-decoration, text-transform, and list-style-type (will also recognise the list-style-type from list-style)
- table cell borders - CSS rules have been adapted slightly - if a coloured/black line conflicts with a white line, and is the same width, coloured/black will overwrite even if Bottom or Right

Numbered Lists
Variables set at the top of mpdf.php can be set to change:
- text alignment of numbers in numbered lists (default Right)
    var $list_align_style = 'R';
- content to follow a numbered list marker e.g. '.' gives 1. or IV. whereas ')' gives 1) or a)
    var $list_number_suffix = '.';
(These can be altered at run time, but are not changeable through stylesheets or in-line style)

Writing broken segments of HTML
2 new parameters have been added to WriteHTML()
function WriteHTML($html,$sub=0,$init=true,$close=true) {
$close - Leaves buffers/variables etc. in current state, so that it can continue to write the HTML where it leaves off
$init - Clears and resets buffers/variables
(N.B.  You must end with a WriteHTML that calls $close=true)
$mpdf->WriteHTML('<p>This is the beginning...', 2, true, false);
$mpdf->WriteHTML('...this is the middle...', 2, false, false);
$mpdf->WriteHTML('...and this is the end</p>', 2, false, true);

Rotated text in table cells
NB This UPDATE will change expected output from previous versions******

Prior to v2.1 any cell set to rotate text anticlockwise was forced to vertical align = bottom.
This has been changed so that it only overrides when the rotate angle is between 45 and 89 degrees: text rotated exactly 90 degrees will respect the set value for vertical-align.

Bug fixes
- List - list starting after "<div>Then some text not in a block element<ol>" incorrectly output
- Tables - if cell font-size set smaller than default for the table, does not shrink the cell height
- Columns (tables) - columns breaking across rows e.g. in the middle of a table cell
- Tables - if table width set to e.g. 100% but cols are less, was not making up to set width
- Watermark - was not printing if using HTMLFooter
- Lists - not aligning numbering correctly if different font sizes used for bullet & text etc.
- Lists - indent of text did not correctly allow for Maximum number in <ol> list
- Table does not always move correctly to a new page
- Table cell incorrectly calculated height causing text to overflow cell when printed
- Table borders in columns not being correctly handled (bug since 2.0 introduced a buffer to save the borders and print at the end of the table - fixed so does not use buffer if in columns - potentially does not deal with conflicting borders as well, but works in columns)
- Table cell width if set as a percent was being downsized when autosizing table
- Table CSS was buggy - improved
- SetBasePath (when fetching remote website) - now handles string with query string on it e.g.
- Table cells with Rotated text - text not positioned correctly
- Page number totals not working in utf-8 mode

Code efficiency improvements
- BIG speed improvement (compared with 2.0) with tables (especially large tables)
- considerable increase in speed if writing long HTML segments to mPDF
- speed improvement for tables (may be very significant if some cells have a lot of text in them causing uneven column widths)

NB To speed up program more, consider setting $mpdf->useSubstitutions=false; if you do not use any characters outside the codepage selected

(This was introduced in v2.0 but I forgot to document it)
If you set $this->use_kwt = true;
All H1-H6 elements will try to keep with a table that follows immediately afterwards - (this is done in htmltoolkit, by adding an attribute KEEP-WITH-TABLE)
See Known Issues re: Using kwt inside a div with border/background (doesn't work)

mPDF v2.0  (07/12/2008)
Main New Features in Version 2.0
- nested tables are supported
- supports both models of table border: separate and collapsed
- improved parsing of CSS stylesheets, and better handling of styles throughout
- additional recognised CSS styles
- page orientation, size, and margins can be changed within the document, using PHP script or custom HTML
- some limited support for @page CSS to define page-box areas, with crop/cross marks for printing
- improved control over headers and footers (including HTML headers/footers)
- improved presentation of Form elements including image-type input fields
- generates an EAN barcode suitable for a book/printed publication
- active forms can be generated - EXPERIMENTAL at present
- change document permissions to allow the user to make annotations - EXPERIMENTAL at present

NB Lines are commented in mPDF script as changes for mPDF 1.4 - this became v2.0

IMPORTANT - Before Upgrading: Please note that some of the changes will cause mPDF 2.0 to render the pages differently from earlier versions i.e. it is not totally backwards comaptible. Read the notes on Backward compatibility before deleting your original set-up.

To upgrade from v&le;1.3 to v2.0 you only need to copy and overwrite the following 2 files:

Plus (optionally) if you want to use the EAN Barcode function, you will also need:
font/ocrb.xx (several)
unifont/ocrb.xx (several)
IMPORTANT - you need to make sure the ocrb font is added to the config.php file
 - add 'ocrb' to the end of 3 arrays: $this->available_fonts  $this->available_unifonts  and  $this->mono_fonts

Bug Fixes
<columns column-count="0"> did not turn off columns - Fixed

Margins as % - e.g. margin-right: 50% set from CSS incorrectly applied 50% of the fontsize
(Fixed - adding parameter to fn. ConvertSize in htmltoolkit.php and in calls to that function)

DIV Width - e.g. div style="width: 50% was not working
(Fixed - fn.SetCSS and OpenTag()'DIV')

CSS values as Zero - p { margin: 0; } did not work in stylesheet unless 0 had a unit

Multiple Non-breaking spaces collapsed - e.g. "1&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;2"  - was contracted to "1 2"
(Fixed - fn.adjustHTML in htmltoolkit.php)

Table cell too narrow causing incorrect printing - If two characters are too wide to print (only likely within a table cf. example tables - Periodic table) the first character was not printed, just a new line
(Fixed in fn.WriteFlowingBlock)

Font size by inline style for form elements <input> <textarea> gave wrong size when using a relative size 0.9em
(Fixed - fn.ConvertSize in htmltoolkit.php)

Creation Date not correctly showing
(Fixed - did not need to convert to UTF16)

New block element started at end of page  - block borders not painted
(Fixed - fn.AddPage)

DL did not close block correctly
(Fixed - mistype in fn. CloseTag)

Transparent not recognised as color/background-color
(Attempted a fix by setting to ignore it! - fn. convertcolor in htmltoolkit.php)

Zero (0) not displaying if only thing in table cell or tags e.g. <td>0</td> <p>0</p>
(Fixed - fn.WriteHTML)

Page Headers/Footers - Simple Headers or Footers defined as e.g. '|{PAGENO}|' were not split into 3 components, but output |6| in the outer margin.

Could not copy from a completed PDF doc to clipboard when using a TrueTypeUnicode font
(Fixed - fn._puttruetypeunicode - added CIDToGIDMap)

Creating an Index (confusing called CreateReference in mPDF) based on only 1 column (i.e. columns off) caused it to print FAIL
(Fixed - fn. CreateReference())

Table of Contents - If a ToC entry reached other side of page a warning notice was produced
Fixed - printing is now suppressed and it is moved down a line (but not when using rtl)

"Keep Block Together" (i.e. page-break-inside: avoid for a block element)
If this property causes some text to be moved to the next page, internal link targets (i.e. <a name="xxx">) were incremented pagenumber by +1 - as this used the calculated document page number, didn't work if using e.g. roman numerals
NB This is now ALWAYS disabled when it meets a table - can use page-break-inside:avoid for the table

@import url(style.css) without quotation marks "" was not picked up, although it is valid HTML
(Fixed - fn.ReadCSS())

Reading CSS from external style sheets included all media
Now set by default to ignore media="aural|braille"
Allows media="print" but can exclude by: $mpdf->disablePrintCSS = true; (default = false)
Works on both <link... and <style media="print">@import...
See the web page example - this stops the CSS stylesheets specifically marked for "print" to be ignored

Table borders (in collapsed model) incorrectly calculated which border had dominance (mPDF &le;1.3 determined the overriding border by its color)
(Fixed to follow CSS 2.1 specifications: width >> CSS dominance (cell>table) >> T & L > B & R)
In the border-collapse=collapse mode, the following rules determine which border style "wins" in case of a conflict:
1. Borders with the 'border-style' of 'hidden' take precedence over all other conflicting borders.
2. narrow borders are discarded in favor of wider ones.
3. styles are preferred in this order: 'double', 'solid', 'dashed', 'dotted', 'ridge', 'outset', 'groove', and the lowest: 'inset'.
4. If border styles differ only in color, then a style set on a cell wins over one on a table.
5. When two elements of the same type conflict, then the one further to the left or top wins out.

Parsing CSS, a missed level would not be picked up i.e. CSS = div.refstr1 p {...} would not pick up:
<div class="refstr1"> <div class="another"> <p>...
(Fixed - fn. MergeCSS by carrying everything forwards)
    Note: I removed -  && !$this->blk[$this->blklvl-1]['cascadeCSS']['CLASS>>'.$attr['CLASS']]['depth']
    Not sure why I put it there in the first place!
    In a later bit of function -  && $this->blk[$this->blklvl-1]['cascadeCSS'][$tag]['depth']>1
    Haven't removed this, but is it needed???

CSS inline style set in TD/TH (font-size, color, weight, font-family or italic) didn't turn off at the end of the cell (and also formatted the top left cell)

CSS properties color, font-weight, and font-style set on a table were not inherited by the table cells
(Fixed - var $base_table_properties)

When rotating a table, the text following was positioned incorrectly
(Fixed - fn. printtablebuffer)

When rotating a table, links were not adjusted in position e.g. <a href="">...
(Fixed - fn. printtablebuffer)

If a larger border-thickness was set for a cell in the middle of a table, cells before that inaccurately calculated the cell wdith needed

Text in a table cell which was not in a block and followed a list, there was no line break e.g. </ol>Text following</td>
(Fixed - var $listjustfinished;)

Setting the default font-family from the body tag using in-line CSS did not work e.g. <body style="font-family:mono"> (did work in external  stylesheets)
(Fixed - fn.WriteHTML)

<link href="..." rel="stylesheet"> was not recognised (because the href comes before the rel)

Read linked CSS stylesheet OR @import stylesheet - now includes both.

<tag class="class1 class2"> did not set either class1 or class2. Fixed so that it will now pick out class1 (better than nothing!)

CSS line-height as % - interpreted 120% as 120 (x the font-size) - Fixed so it now accepts % and numbers

Setting the basepath (used for relative links/external stylesheets etc) with $mpdf->setBasePath() was generally buggy!
Now allows a domain e.g. $mpdf->setBasePath(""); (previously needed slash on end)
(Fixed - hopefully!)

If you were repeatedly calling mPDF in a loop to produce more than one PDF file, it would crash with error: "You have restricted the number of available fonts to 0". Fixed by editing line 751 require(_MPDF_PATH.'mpdf_config.php'); to require(...

Unsupported image files - mPDF died with an error message if image files didn't meet expected format e.g. an interlaced PNG file
Changed so images are now replaced by the NOIMG image.

Footer margin (HTML and normal footers) now determines the lowest point that is printed (rather than the place to start printing the footer)
NB IMPORTANT CHANGE - not backwards comaptible

Tabs in <pre> or <textarea> are now replaced by 8 spaces rather than 6 (consistent with  [fn. AdjustHTML() in htmltoolkit.php]

To insert the total number of pages in the document anywhere in the doc, just use '{nb}'
The line:   $mpdf->AliasNbPages();
has now been uncommented allowing {nb} to be used
NB This will always give the total no. of pages in the whole document regardless of any changes you have made to page numbering.
You can change the default placeholder '{nb}' to any string using:  $mpdf->AliasNbPages('[**my Chars**]');

$mpdf->AliasNbPageGroups(); default="{nbpg}"
Can be used to set the total number of pages in the current group i.e. between where page numbering is reset

CSS border correctly fixes "solid 3mm #000000" i.e. (style width color) - (not a bug, but this is often incorrectly specified)

Can now print div background behind a rotated table.

You can keep columns as they are i.e. 1st column will finish page then start on second, by setting
$mpdf->KeepColumns = true;

Image constrain
Image size is constrained to current margins and page position. Extra parameter added to end of fn. allows you to override this.
$mpdf->Image('files/images/frontcover.jpg',0,0,210,297,'jpg','',true, false);   // e.g. the last "false" allows a full page picture
Useful for e.g. a cover page for your document

Cumulative CSS
In version &le;1.3, if you call:
$mpdf->WriteHTML($html);    // this one cleared the array $this->cascadeCSS; conatining cascaded CSS information from stylesheets
You were meant to call:
$mpdf->WriteHTML($html,2);  // which doesn't re-parse the CSS information
v2.0 changed so that
$mpdf->WriteHTML($html); no longers clears the array $this->cascadeCSS and so can be used repeatedly;

Additional CSSstyles & HTML attributes supported
<BODY> - font-style, font-weight, color

<IMG> - html attributes width="" and height=""

<TABLE|TD|TH> - border: 'thin' 'medium' and 'thick' are now converted to 1px, 3px and 5px
<TABLE|TD|TH> - border now respects all types - e.g. 'double', 'solid', 'dashed', 'dotted', 'ridge', 'outset', 'groove', and 'inset'
(NB mPDF only supports a full declaration of border e.g. "border: thin double #000000;")

<TD|TH> - CSS style="white-space: nowrap" and HTML attribute nowrap="nowrap"
<TABLE> - page-break-inside: avoid
<TABLE> - border-collapse: separate|collapse
<TABLE> - border-spacing: 2px 2px;  (horizontal/vertical) or just one figure (both) NB same as cellSpacing
<TABLE> - empty-cells: hide|show  (border-collapse:separate only)
<TABLE> - margin-left and margin-right (previously only supported top and bottom)
<TABLE> - padding: (this was incorrectly used for TD/TH before) (border-collapse:separate only)
<TD|TH> - padding:
<TABLE|TD|TH> - inline style "background" works (with a color only) the same as "background-color"

NB Table page-break-inside, autosize values and rotate are only respected for that set on first level table of nested tables

<TABLE> - cellSpacing and cellPadding HTML attributes:
NB cellSpacing is the same as CSS style "border-spacing"
NB cellPadding is a <table> attribute, but sets the cell padding - not table padding

<TABLE> - align="..." now works with a rotated table - but sets the alignment ignoring the rotation i.e. align=right sets the table to the right side of the page (looking as though it is bottom-aligned)

<BLOCK ELEMENTS> - page-break-before: always|left|right - NB any surrounding block tags will be closed before the new page is inserted.

@page - see notes on Paged Media

Unsupported HTML attribute
<TD border="1"> - not valid HTML - no longer supported

$mpdf->use_kwt = true;  // default=false
If set to true, will force any H1-H6 header immediately preceding a table to be kept together with the table
- automatically sets the table to fit on one page (i.e. page-break-inside=avoid) if it is a rotated table
- ignored if: Columns on, Keep-block-together active (page-break-inside=avoid for surrounding BLOCK), active Forms


NB Not a change - but note you can use this to allow you to feed html code encoded in other than utf-8:
$mpdf->charset_in='windows-1252';   (needs suitable codes for iconv i.e. windows-1252 not win-1252)

Fixing Optional tags
==================== website has illegal nesting of <dt>.. <dd> .. </dd> .. </dt>  and <p>.. <div> .. </div> .. </p>
The example wich parses the webpage will not show correctly unless you change: $mpdf->allow_html_optional_endtags=false;
Trying to fix incorrect (X)HTML with $mpdf->allow_html_optional_endtags==true cancels the P when it meets a DIV etc.

EAN barcode
An EAN barcode can be generated
function writeBarcode($code, $showisbn=1, $x='', $y='', $size=1, $border=0, $paddingL=1, $paddingR=1, $paddingT=2, $paddingB=2) {
It accepts 12 or 13 digits with or without - hyphens as $code e.g.
$mpdf->writeBarcode('978-1234-567-890', 1, $mpdf->x, $mpdf->y);
A new font - OCR-B font/unifont is required, and needs to be added to the config.php file
cf. coding getting it right.pdf
Barcode size must be between 0.8 and 2.0 (80% to 200%)

CMYK Colors
Functions - SetDrawColor, SetTextColor and SetFillColor all now take an optional 4th parameter.
If defined this will interpret the input as CMYK color i.e.
SetDrawColor(15,82,0,10)    // NB all values out of 100 - not 255 as for RGB

htmltoolkit.php fn.ConvertColor() - now interprets custom color definition: cmyk(15,82,0,10)
like rgb(r,g,b) except values out of 100
Intended to be used for calling the functions separately - BUT works in a limited way with CSS - does not get reset or inherited correctly
<p style="color:cmyk(215,31,15,10)"> does work

$defaultCSS has been updated to reflect better the standard HTML default e.g. using serif, table borders separate, cell vertical-align top
To keep mPDF 1.3 (my favourites) I have introduced:
$mpdf->useDefaultCSS2 = true;

Permissions - forms and Annotations - Experimental!
You can set the Permissions for the PDF file to allow the user to make Comments (annotations)
$mpdf->setUserRights($enabled=true[default]|false, $annots="/Create/Delete/Modify/Copy/Import/Export",
        $form="/Add/Delete/FillIn/Import/Export/SubmitStandalone/SpawnTemplate", $signature="/Modify") )

If you encrypt the file, make sure the permissions match e.g.:

To allow this, changed the PDF-file version to %PDF1.5 (NB Probably needs PDF version > 1.5 but can't test for this...)

NOTE: If you output the PDF file straight to the browser, it will only allow annotations after you save the document

Active Forms - Experimental!
At present , using active forms will prevent any internal and external links - that appear before active forms(?) - from working (why?)
May need to save form for proper use - see example, when scroll forwards and back, the form disappears??
Need to set Userrights (see above), and $mpdf->useActiveForms=true;
For Output options, see separate notes.

Internal Programming changes
NB fn. tablerotate in htmltoolkit no longer used; now uses a 'transform' to shift the whole block of PDF code

Graphics State
ExtGState does not need to be redefined - e.g. if a watermark added on every page, turning on and off alpha/transparency
Unnecessary file size.
function AddExtGState() edited to check if graphics state already exists before adding new one

ASCII-proof code
"»¤¬" used as a special identifier in the program changed to "\xbb\xa4\xac" to make the mpdf.php script file immune from someone saving it as a utf-8 encoded file

1) When copying remote images locally - incorrectly used "unset" now changed to "unlink"
2) When parsing image files - was using CURL for any image src="http://... - even if this was on the local server - edited so it only uses CURL if necessary/appropriate.
NB Handling images was updated in v1.3 because my ISP changed allow_url_fopen to false
Fixed so mPDF tests if the file is available as a local call e.g. getimage('images/test.jpg') even if it is defined as a full URI e.g. as this is quicker(?), and permitted even if allow_url_fopen is false.
If not available as a local file (and allow_url_fopen is set) mPDF tries to use fopen/file_get_contents using an http wrapper;
Else, if CURL is available and allow_url_fopen is false: then tries using CURL.
(Clear as mud???!!)

mPDF v1.3  (21/09/2008)
Page Numbering
Program changes:
fn. startPageNums() replaced with blank function
fn. stopPageNums() - deleted
fn. numPageNo() - deleted  (all it did was return this->page anyway).
var $_numbering - deleted
var $_numberingFooter - deleted
var $_numPageNum - deleted

New: fn. AddPages() (as for AddPage but with type=NEXT-ODD or NEXT-EVEN see below)
Edited: fn. AddPage() - new parameters added
AddPage(orientation(NO),type="E|O", resetpagenum="1|0", pagenumstyle="I|i|A|a|1", suppress="on|off")
New: fn. docPageNum() - returns the document page number (or '') based on...
New : PageNumSubstitutions(array)
New attributes:
<pagebreak resetpagenum="1" // resets document page numbering to 1 from the new page onwards
<pagebreak suppress="on"    // turns on suppression of page numbering i.e. in headers and footers, {PAGENO} is replaced by blank string
                    // ="0" turns suppression off
<pagebreak pagenumstyle="I|i|A|a|1" // (re)sets page number stle/type from the new page onwards - as for lists
                    // 1 - decimal; A/a - alpha (uppercase/lowercase); I/i - Roman (uppercase/lowercase)
<pagebreak type="NEXT-ODD"  // always adds a page + another if required to make odd
<pagebreak type="NEXT-EVEN" // always adds a page + another if required to make even

Edited: fn. TOC()   // sets the marker for a Table of Contents
New parameters allow the page-numbering details to be set
NB the page-numbering details set are for the page which follows on after the TOC marker is inserted. The page-numbering for the actual ToC is set later, when the ToC is generated and inserted here
new parameters as above for pagebreak  resetpagenum="1|0", pagenumstyle="I|i|A|a|1", suppress="on|off"

Can also be set by attribute in the <TOC>
<TOC resetpagenum="1" pagenumstyle="I|i|A|a|1", suppress="on|off" />

Changes to allow Rotated Text in table Cells
fn. OpenTag()
fn. _tableColumnWidth()
fn. _tableHeight()
fn. _tableWrite()
fn. tableHeader()

New custom style or attribute -- "text-rotate" -- can be set for either <tr> or <th|td>
Allowed values: 45 - 90 (written as integers) - rotates text anticlockwise, and -90 (clockwise)
Positive values less than 90 force cell to: vertical-align:bottom

Only allows single line of text;
Font, font-size, and style are determined by those set fro the cell, and cannot be changed;
No changes in font (or any other in-line changes e.g. <sup>) are supported within the text

Example: <tr style="text-rotate:90">...

Bug fixes
1) HTML footer containing table was triggering page break.
Added $this->InHTMLFooter as flag to prevent page triggering in footers containing table
Set in fn.writeHTMLFooters() -> in fn.tableWrite() stops the pageBreak being reset

2) Crashing when libcurl not installed.
Edited OpenTag() curl_init - added if (function_exists) to exclude crash when libcurl not installed

3) Single cell with borders not showing the borders.
e.g. <table><tr><td style="border:1px solid #000000?>Hi</td></tr></table>
Problem: mPDF overrides cell border properties with table border properties for external borders. $defaultCSS had CSS defined for table as '0px solid #000000'
Quick fix - line 273 removed. A more complete fix will require reprogramming to distinguish between "border property not set" and border property set as "none".

4) Empty textarea incorrectly handled (the following HTML code being output in the textarea)
The html code for an empty textarea was incorrectly handled in htmltoolkit fn. AdjustHTML which has been edited

mPDF v1.2   (2008-05-01)
// Added v1.2 option to continue if invalid UTF-8 chars - used in function is_utf8()
var $ignore_invalid_utf8 = false;

Reading CSS in fn. ReadCSS() and applying in fn. MergeCSS() -
    Edited to allow Tags, class and id with the same name to be distinct i.e. h5 {...}  .h5 {...}  #h5 {...}
* mPDF 1.2 This version supports:  .class {...} / #id { .... }
* ADDED p {...}  h1[-h6] {...}  a {...}  table {...}   thead {...}  th {...}  td {...}  hr {...}
* body {...} sets default font and fontsize
* It supports some cascaded CSS e.g. div.topic table.type1 td
* Does not support non-block level e.g. a#hover { ... }

Table: font-size, weight, style, family and color should all work
TD/TH: font-size, weight, style, family and color should all work

Added to htmltoolkit - fn.array_merge_recursive_unique()

memory_opt Removed in mPDF v1.2 - not working properly

fn. _begindoc() - changed to %PDF1.4 (was 1.3) as PDF version

Write HTML Headers and Footers
fn. Close() - calls writeHTMLHeaders/Footers() before finishing doc
fn. WriteHTML() - added parameter
fn. _out - writes to outputbuffer when writing HTML footers/headers

fn. writeHTMLHeaders()
fn. writeHTMLFooters()

mPDF v1.1  (2008-05-01)

Programming changes to increase efficiency
fn. WriteHTML() - added lines to combine substituted characters <tta> etc

Memory Optimization added (script from FPDF site) - edited fn. _putpages() and fn. _endpage()

fn. SetFont() edited to return val quicker if font already set (increase efficiency)

new vars chrs and ords are used to store chr() and ord() - quicker than using functions

fn.setMBencoding() - only call mb_internal_encoding if need to change

fn. SetDefaultFontSize() - edited to allow to override that set in defaultCSS

fn. Output() - Added temporary(?) disablement of encryption in CJK as it doesn't work!

fn. OpenTag() [LI] $this->blockjustfinished=false to prevents newline after first bullet of list within table

Uses of mb_ereg_replace removed, and mb_split changed - requires regex_encoding (regex_encoding only used as UTF-8)

fn. WriteHTML: attributes are trimmed with trim() to allow correct handling of e.g. class="bpmBook "

fn. printbuffer() and fn. openTag() to ensure
 <div><div><p> outputs top margins/padding for both 1st and 2nd div
 and </p></div></div> ...

fn. SetFont() added line - bug fixing in CJK fonts

CSS functionality
Added special CSS 'thead-underline' (similar to topntail)

var $thead_font_weight; added (openTag) to enable setting of font-weight for <TH> cells

Fixed table border inheritance: Table border inherits border="1" to cells, but not table style="border..."

"page-break-inside: avoid" added (var keep_block_together) to allow a DIV or P to be kept on one page
    - not compatible with table autosize or table rotate
    - only works over maximum of 2 pages

Orphans in line justification: R. Bracket ) added to defined list of orphans

Following a change in the PHP ini config set on my website by my ISP, changes made to allow mPDF to work with allow_url_open=OFF.
    - file_get_contents() changed to use libcurl (for CSS files)
    - openTag('IMG') @fopen() and 3 functions _parsegif, _parseJPG, _parsePNG, edited to copy remote image files to local file to include images

Changes to enable mPDF work with a custom script producing Flowcharts:
    - WriteHTML() second parameter=3 will allow HTML to be parsed but not output
    - fn. Arrow() added
    - TableWordWrap() added parameter to force array return

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