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(mPDF ≥ 6.0)


boolean autoVietnamese

Tells mPDF whether to try and distinguish the Vietnamese language when using autoScriptToLang.

Vietnamese is written using mainly Latin script, and cannot therefore be distinguished for certain from other languages using Latin script. However there are a few characters which are unique to Vietnamese and may enable mPDF to distinguish text in a Vietnamese language.

Because a number of fonts do not contain these unique characters, you may wish mPDF to try and detect Vietnamese so a special font can be selected.

Note: If autoVietnamese is true mPDF will mark up text detected as Vietnamese even if baseScript is set as 1 - ignoring most Latin scripts.


$autoVietnamese = true|false


  • false: Vietnamese text will be treated as Latin text when using autoScriptToLang
  • true: mPDF will attempt to distinguish Vietnamese, and text will then be marked with lang="vi"

Default: false

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