mPDF Manual – mPDF functions


`Shaded_box(string title[, string font[, float fontstyle[, float fontsize[, float width[, string style[, float radius[, string backgroundcolor[, string color[, float padding]]]]]]]]])

` Writes a single line of text surrounded by a box directly to the PDF document at the current position. The box can have rounded corners, and be filled with background-colour.

  • `title` UTF-8 encoded text (single line)
  • `font` Font family Default = '' i.e. default document font
  • `fontstyle` Font style as one of B (bold), I (italic), BI (bold-italic) or blank for normal Default = 'B' i.e. bold
  • `fontsize` Font size in points (pt) Default = '' i.e. default document font size
  • `width` Width of the box - any units acceptable in CSS can be used e.g. pt, px, mm, % (of page width) Default = '70%'
  • `style` Box style: D or empty string - draw border (default); F - fill; DF or FD - draw and fill Default = 'DF' i.e. border and fill
  • `radius` Radius of the rounded corners Default = 2.5
  • `backgroundcolor` Fill colour for the box - as #rrggbb Default = '#FFFFFF'
  • `color` Text colour - as #rrggbb Default = '#000000'
  • `padding` Padding between text and box border, in millimeters Default = 2

This method accepts UTF-8 encoded text, and will reverse RTL (right-to-left) text when appropriate.

Text containing HTML entities, as well as decimal and hex e.g. & apos; & #8812; or & #x21a4; can be used, by setting:

$mpdf->text_input_as_HTML = true; (default = false)

This will convert all the above to their apropriate characters, otherwise the text will be output as it is.