mPDF Manual – Fonts & Languages

Indic fonts v5.x

Special fonts are provided for several Indic languages.

  Unicode range Font name Languages
Bengali 0980-09FF ind_bn_1_001  
Devanagari 0900-097F ind_hi_1_001 Hindi, Sindhi, Nepali
Malayalam 0D00-0D7F ind_ml_1_001  
Gujarati 0A80-0AFF ind_gu_1_001  
Kannada 0C80-0CFF ind_kn_1_001  
Oriya 0B00-0B7F ind_or_1_001  
Punjabi 0A00-0A7F ind_pa_1_001 (Gurmuhki)
Tamil 0B80-0BFF ind_ta_1_001  
Telugu 0C00-0C7F ind_te_1_001  

These fonts can be access using their font name e.g.


NB Indic font support is font-specific; adding other Indic fonts to mPDF won’t work.

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