mPDF Manual – Troubleshooting

Automatic resizing

mPDF automatically resizes content in some circumstances. Using the default settings and CSS properties, the following are resized:

  • tables will resize so that the tallest row (cell) will fit on a page - this is the only one that cannot be overridden
  • tables will resize to fit the minimum width into the available width (minimum width of a table is when no words are broken) - override using CSS <table style="overflow: hidden|visible|wrap>
  • tables will resize to fit the table into the remaining available space left on a page, as long as it is within the limit set by configurable variable $this->shrink_tables_to_fit - this can be prevented by setting this configuration variable to 1 or by <table autosize="1">
  • block elements (e.g. <div>) with position:fixed or position:absolute and overflow:auto (the default) will resize the contents if required to fit on the page - override by changing the value of overflow
  • images will resize if necessary to fit onto a page

Tables may also resize if you set the CSS property page-break-inside: avoid

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