mPDF Manual – About mPDF


All credit is due to the following:

Including from FPDF extensions:

  • Martin Hall-May for WMF support

Including from HTML2FPDF:

  • Damon Kohler for the Flowing Block script
  • Clément Lavoillotte for HTML-oriented FPDF idea
  • Yamasoft for the gif.php class
  • Jérôme Fenal for the _parsegif() function
  • “VIETCOM” for the PDFTable code
  • Yukihiro O. for the SetDash() function
  • Ron Korving for the WordWrap() function
  • Michel Poulain for the DisplayPreferences() function
  • Seb for the _SetTextRendering() and SetTextOutline() functions
  • Klemen VODOPIVEC for FPDF_Protection
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