mPDF Manual – mPDF functions


mPDF Functions by Category

Main controls

\Mpdf\Mpdf::__construct() — Main class constructor
mPDFI - [deprecated] - see SetImportUse()
WriteHTML() — Write HTML code to the document
Output() — Finalise the document and send it to specified destination


SetImportUse() — Enables use of templates and imported PDF files (was mPDFI)
StartProgressBarOutput() — Show progress bars whilst generating PDF file
SetAnchor2Bookmark() — Specifies how PDF Book marks are created from HTML anchors
SetBasePath() — Specifies a base URL for mPDF to interpret relative URLs
SetCompression() — Specifies that mPDF should compress the data for the PDF file
SetDefaultBodyCSS() — Change default CSS properties at runtime
SetDefaultFont() — [deprecated]
SetDefaultFontSize() — [deprecated]
SetDirectionality() — Set the document RTL state
SetDisplayMode() — Specify the initial Display Mode when the PDF file is opened
SetAutoFont() — [deprecated]
RestrictUnicodeFonts() — Set (Unicode) fonts to restrict to

Document Metadata

SetTitle() — Set the document title
SetAuthor() — Set the document author
SetCreator() — Set the document creator
SetSubject() — Set the document subject
SetKeywords() — Set the document keywords

Encryption & Passwords

SetProtection() — Encrypts and sets the PDF document permissions
SetUserRights() - [deprecated]

Watermarks (page backgrounds)

SetWatermarkImage() — Set an image to use as a Watermark
SetWatermarkText() — Set the text to use as a Watermark

Page Numbering

AliasNbPages() — Defines the placeholder used to insert total number of pages into the document
AliasNbPageGroups() — Defines the placeholder used to insert total page number into the document


AddSpotColor() — Define a Spot Colour to be referenced in the document


The following methods have HTML equivalents e.g. <pagebreak /> and AddPage():

AddPage() — Add a new page
AddPageByArray() — Add a new page using array of parameters

Bookmarks (Outlines)

Bookmark() — Add a Bookmark to the document


Annotation() — Add an Annotation to the document


IndexEntry() — Insert an Index entry for the document
IndexEntrySee() — Insert a cross-reference entry for the document Index
InsertIndex() — Generate an Index for the document (mPDF >= v6.0)
CreateReference() — [Deprecated] replace by InsertIndex() (mPDF < v2.4)
CreateIndex() — [Deprecated] replaced by InsertIndex() (mPDF < v6.0)


SetColumns() — Control the use of multiple columns on the page
AddColumn() — Start a new Column

Page Headers & Footers

DefFooterByName() — Define a page footer by name
DefHeaderByName() — Define a page header by name
DefHTMLFooterByName() — Define an HTML page footer by name
DefHTMLHeaderByName() — Define an HTML page header by name
SetFooter() — Set a page footer
SetFooterByName() — Set a page footer by name
SetHeader() — Set a page header
SetHeaderByName() — Set a page header by name
SetHTMLFooter() — Set an HTML page footer
SetHTMLFooterByName() — Set an HTML page footer by name
SetHTMLHeader() — Set an HTML page header
SetHTMLHeaderByName() — Set an HTML page header by name

Table of Contents

TOCpagebreak() — Insert a table of contents in the document
TOCpagebreakByArray() — Insert a table of contents in the document using an array of parameters
TOC_Entry() — Insert an entry for the Table of Contents

Other Miscellaneous methods:

Replacing text in existing PDF files

OverWrite() — Replace specified text strings in an existing PDF file

Control Visibility

SetVisibility() — Control the visibility of subsequent objects

Import PDF files & Templates

mPDFI() — [deprecated] — see SetImportUse()

Thumbnail() — Print thumbnails of an external PDF file
SetSourceFile() — Specify the source PDF file used to import pages into the document
ImportPage() — Import a page from an external PDF file
UseTemplate() — Insert an imported page from an external PDF file
SetPageTemplate() — Specify a page from an external PDF file to use as a template
SetDocTemplate() — Specify an external PDF file to use as a template


WriteBarcode() — Write an EAN-13 (ISBN-13) barcode

Write directly to page without HTML

AutosizeText() — Writes a single line of text, font size automatically reduced to fit width
RoundedRect() — Draws a rectangle with rounded corners
WriteCell() — print a cell
MultiCell() — print text with line breaks
WriteText() — print a string
Shaded_box() — Writes line of text surrounded by layouted box
CircularText() — Draw a circle using specified text

Original FPDF functions to write directly to page

FPDF functions to write directly to page without HTML:

  • Image() — output an image
  • Line() — draw a line
  • Rect() — draw a rectangle
  • SetDrawColor() — set drawing color
  • SetFillColor() — set filling color
  • SetFont() — set font
  • SetFontSize() — set font size
  • SetLineWidth() — set line width
  • SetTextColor() — set text color
  • SetX() — set current x position
  • SetXY() — set current x and y positions
  • SetY() — set current y position
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