mPDF Manual – HTML control tags


(mPDF ≥ 1.0)

columns – Control use of Columns on the page


<columns  $column-count [ $vAlign ] [ $column-gap ]  />

Define, start or stop Columns in the document.



Set the number of (vertical) columns to use on a page

BLANK or omitted or '0' or '1' turns Columns OFF i.e. the whole page is used as one column.

Default: '1'


Automatically adjusts height of columns to be equal if set to 'J' or 'justify'.

BLANK or omitted turns vertical-alignment OFF

Values (case-insensitive)

'J' or 'justify'

Default: ""


Set the gap between columns in millimeters

BLANK or omitted uses default value.

Default: "5" (mm)


Example #1

$mpdf = new \Mpdf\Mpdf();

$mpdf->WriteHTML('<columns column-count="3" vAlign="J" column-gap="7" />');
$mpdf->WriteHTML('Some text...');

$mpdf->WriteHTML('<columnbreak />');

$mpdf->WriteHTML('Next column...');


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