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(mPDF ≥ 2.0)

SetHTMLHeaderByName – Sets an HTML page header by a given name


void SetHTMLHeaderByName ( string $name [, string $side [, boolean $write ]])

Sets an HTML page header that has previously been defined by name.



This parameter specifies the name of a previously defined HTML page header. If a BLANK string or null is passed, mPDF will use the value _default if such a page header exists.


Specify whether to set the header for ODD or EVEN pages in a DOUBLE-SIDED document.

Values (case-sensitive)

  • 'O'
    set the header for ODD pages in a DOUBLE-SIDED document, or for both ODD and EVEN in a SINGLE-SIDED document.
  • 'E'
    set the header for EVEN pages

Default: 'O'


If true it forces the Header to be written immediately to the current page. Use if the header is being set after the new page has been added.

Default: false


Version Description
2.0 The function was added.


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