mPDF Manual – HTML control tags


(mPDF ≥ 4.0)

barcode – Add a Barcode to the document


<barcode  $code [ $type ] [ $text ] [ $size ] [ $height ] [ $pr ] />

Add a Barcode to the document.



Specifies the code to translate to a barcode.

$code for EAN13 / ISBN / ISSN / UPCA / UPCE can contain hyphens (-) but no other characters are allowed.

Check-digits can be optionally included for EAN13 / ISBN / ISSN / UPCA / UPCE



$type specifies the type of barcode required.

Default: 'EAN13'


  • 'EAN13', 'ISBN', 'ISSN', 'UPCA', 'UPCE', 'EAN8'
  • 'EAN13P2', 'ISBNP2', 'ISSNP2', 'UPCAP2', 'UPCEP2', 'EAN8P2' (with EAN-2 supplement code i.e. 01-99 )
  • 'EAN13P5', 'ISBNP5', 'ISSNP5', 'UPCAP5', 'UPCEP5', 'EAN8P5'  (with EAN-5 supplement code e.g. 90000 ) ('UPCE' needs the UPCA $code entered)
  • 'C128A', 'C128B', 'C128C'
  • 'EAN128A', 'EAN128B', 'EAN128C'
  • 'C39', 'C39+', 'C39E', 'C39E+'
  • 'S25', 'S25+', 'I25', 'I25+', 'I25B', 'I25B+'
  • 'C93'
  • 'MSI', 'MSI+'
  • 'CODE11'

Note: Type with a '+' at the end includes check-digits.


EAN13 only

Specifies whether to show the code at the top of an EAN13 barcode.

Note that ISBN and ISSN always show the text, prefixed with ISBN or ISSN.

Values: 1 or 0

Default: 0


Specifies the size of the barcode.

$size (float) will scale the nominal size of the barcode as a factor of 1

size="1.5" will generate a barcode one and half times the height and width of the nominal size set in mPDF

NB Sizes between '0.8' and '2.0' are recommended for EAN13 and similar barcodes.

Default: '1'


Specifies the height of the barcode.

$height (float) will determine the relative height of the barcode as a factor of 1

The height factor is applied after the $size

size="2" height="0.5" will generate a barcode of twice the nominal width, but with the nominal height.

NB Ignored for Postcode barcodes

Default: '1'


Specifies the print ratio i.e. narrow:wide bar width for some types of barcode.

Valid for:

  • 'C39' (Code 39),
  • Standard and Interleaved 2 of 5 ('S25', 'I25' etc.),
  • 'CODABAR' and 'CODE11'

Default: Varies between 2.5 and 3.0 dependent on barcode specification (see barcodes)


Version Description
4.0 The function was added.


<barcode code="978-0-9542246-0" type="ISBN" height="0.66" text="1" />

<barcode code="04210000526" type="UPCE" />
<!-- Note the UPC-A code is required which is converted to UPCE -->

<barcode code="978-0-9542246-0-8 07" type="ISSNP2" text="1" />

<barcode code="01234567094987654321-01234567891" type="IMB" />

<barcode code="SN34RD1A" type="RM4SCC" />

<barcode code="54321068" type="I25" />

<barcode code="A34698735B" type="CODABAR" />


Example with CSS

.barcode {
    padding: 1.5mm;
    margin: 0;
    vertical-align: top;
    color: #000044;
.barcodecell {
    text-align: center;
    vertical-align: middle;

<div class="barcodecell"><barcode code="54321068" type="I25" class="barcode" /></div>

Example - Generating a checkdigit


// Must not contain any - or spaces

$bc = new \Mpdf\Barcode();
echo $bc->getChecksum('9344543204454', 'C93');

See Also

  • Barcodes - More information on types of barcode
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