mPDF Manual – mPDF Variables

incrementFPR1 [1-4]

(mPDF ≥ 4.2)

incrementFPR1 – Adjust auto-fit for fixed position block elements incrementFPR2 incrementFPR3 incrementFPR4


void incrementFPR1

When writing a block element with position:fixed and overflow:auto, mPDF scales it down to fit in the space by repeatedly rewriting it and making adjustments. These values give the adjustments used, depending how far out the previous guess was. The lower the number, the quicker it will finish, but the less accurate the fit may be.

FPR1 is for coarse adjustments, and FPR4 for fine adjustments when it is getting closer.


$incrementFPR1 $incrementFPR2 $incrementFPR3 $incrementFPR4


  • INTEGER : recommended between 10-100

Default: 10, 20, 30 and 50 respectively


Version Description
4.2 Variables were added.
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