mPDF Manual – mPDF functions


(mPDF ≥ 1.0)

TOC_Entry – Insert an entry for the Table of Contents


void TOC_Entry ( string $content [, int $level [, string $name ]])

Insert an entry for the Table of Contents referencing the current writing position in the document.



This parameter sets the text as it will appear in the ToC entry.

$content cannot contain any of the characters: <, >, &, ' or " and must use the appropriate HTML entities e.g. <annotation content="This is &lt; 40" />

It is recommended that you use htmlspecialchars('Content', ENT_QUOTES) for this.



Specify the level of this entry i.e. like heading1,2,3

Starts at level 0

Default: 0


Specify which ToC to add this entry, if using more than one ToC in the document. $name can be any alphanumeric characters (except just 0) and is case-insensitive.

BLANK or omitted or 0 uses the default ToC.

Values (case-insensitive)

  • 'ALL' will add this entry to every ToC active in the document
  • name as string with only alphanumeric characters (case-insensitive)


Version Description
2.3 $name attribute was added.


$mpdf = new \Mpdf\Mpdf();


$mpdf->TOC_Entry("Chapter 1",0);
$mpdf->WriteHTML('Chapter 1 ...');



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