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(mPDF ≥ 2.2)

SetWatermarkText – Set the text to use as a Watermark


void SetWatermarkText ( [ string $text [, float $alpha ]])

Set the text to use as a Watermark. The watermark is a semi-transparent background printed on each page, used for text such as “DRAFT”. The watermark will be added to each page when the Footer is printed if the variable $showWatermark is set to 1 or true



This parameter defines the text to use for the watermark. The text should be UTF-8 encoded, but should not contain HTML mark-up tags.

If the text is blank, it will clear the watermark text, so nothing appears.

Default: BLANK


This parameter defines the transparency value (alpha) to use for the watermark: either text or image. The Value should be between 0 and 1.

Default: 0.2


Version Description
2.2 The function was added.
2.2 Parameter $alpha was added
3.0 Parameter $text changed to be optional

No parameters are required from v3.0 onwards e.g. $mpdf->SetWatermarkText(); can be used as well as $mpdf->SetWatermarkText('');


Example #1

$mpdf = new \Mpdf\Mpdf();

$mpdf->showWatermarkText = true;

$mpdf->WriteHTML('Hello World');

Example #2

$mpdf = new \Mpdf\Mpdf();

// The library defines a function strcode2utf() to convert htmlentities to UTF-8 encoded text
$wm = strcode2utf("&amp;#1575;&amp;#1610;&amp;#1604;&amp;#1575;&amp;#1578; &amp;#1601;&amp;#1610;&amp;#1605;&amp;#1575; &amp;#1575;&amp;#1610;&amp;#1604;&amp;#1575;&amp;#1578; &amp;#1601;&amp;#1610;&amp;#1605;&amp;#1575;");
$mpdf->SetWatermarkText($wm, 0.1);
$mpdf->showWatermarkText = true;

$mpdf->WriteHTML('Hello World');

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